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BF1MS notes re Bifrons references
BF2Typed sheet re Arch. Cant. reports of archaeology
BF3Canterbury Archaeological Trust report: Bifrons ex
BF4Typed notes on the history of Bifrons house
BF5Newspaper cutting of zoo illustrations including ‘
BF6Leaflet illustrating Jan Siberechts’ painting of B
BF7Archaeology excavation notes: Arch. Cant., CVII, 1
BF8B. M. Thomas, ‘A History of Bifrons Mansion House’
BF9Photocopies of two views (different from BF10) of
BF10Two views (different from BF9) of Bifrons
BF11Photocopy portrait of children of John Taylor of B
BF12Portrait The children of John Taylor of Bifrons Park
BF13Collection of images relating to Bifrons, 2pp.
BF14Newspaper cutting ‘Marquis sells up loveliest vill
BF154 photo postcards: Bifrons house and bridge
BF16Photocopy of photo of Christine Friend, domestic s
BF17Photocopy of Bargrave family tree, no source, unda
BF18Michael G. Brennan, ‘The exile of two Kentish roya
BF19Philip H. Blake, ‘The Builder of Bifrons’, Arch. C
BF20Rev. W.A. Scott Robertson, ‘Patricksbourne church,
BF21T. G. Godfrey-Faussett, ‘The Saxon cemetery at Bif
BF22‘‘To oblivion and back’: Dr Bargrave’s Museum of R
BF23‘Reviving a Reputation: John Closterman Exhibition
BF24Photocopy of ‘The Prince of Pleasure and his Regen
BF25Typed notes from Parish Magazine: ‘Bridge and the
BF26Magazine cutting re Bargrave’s collection, Country
BF27D. Sturdy & M. Henig, The Gentle Traveller, catalo
BF28Photocopy of ‘Dr John Bargrave and his collection’
BF29Newspaper cutting ‘Marquis sells up loveliest vill
BF30J. Williamson, ‘The Brook Taylors’ (of Bifrons), c
BF31J. Williamson, ‘The Brook Taylors’, pp. 8-11 of Pa
BF32Newspaper cutting of obituary of Mr Herbert Blunt,
BF33Newspaper cutting ‘100 years ago’ re Marquis of Co
BF34Newspaper cutting obituary, Marquess Conyngham, 19
BF35Newspaper cutting ‘Prints from the Past’ (Siberech
BF36TNA copy of will of Robert Bargar
BF37Magazine cutting re Slane Castle, Co Meath, the se
BF38MS note re owners of Bifrons
BF39MS note, 1p.; Series of emails relating to Bifrons
BF40Letter from Cynthia Campbell of the Public Service
BF41Notes re Bifrons from village walk; includes enlar
BF42Newspaper cutting ‘History laid bare at park house
BF43Magazine cutting ‘Byronic link with a Canterbury H
BF44Photocopy of p. 136 of the ‘Guide to Kent County A
BF45Magazine cutting: Letter from J. W. Burch on the H

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