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OSM1Transcript list of baptisms in Bridge, 1579
OSM2List of logbooks etc. held by Bridge & Patrixbourn
OSM3Photocopy of sale notice butcher’s shop etc., 23 J
OSM4Notes extracted from Bridge Gas Coke and Coal Co.
OSM5List of documents relevant to Bridge held at East
OSM6Information on Bridge village records held at Kent
OSM7List of documents relevant to Bridge held at Maids
OSM8Copy of original 1802 document listing King’s scho
OSM9Transcript of the bounds of Patrixbourne, 1759 (ty
OSM10Copy of OSM2
OSM11Transcripts of KG entries re Bridge, 4pp.
OSM12Print outs of catalogue entries for Bridge related
OSM13Transcript of letterhead of smith of Bridge, item
OSM14Photocopy of cuttings: death of Frederick Jarrett,
OSM15Listings from Coach Directory, 1821
OSM16Listings from Kelly’s Post Office Directory, 1938
OSM17Monumental inscriptions in Bridge church, noted by
OSM18Copy of Protestation roll, 1641, for Bridge
OSM19Various entries from churchwardens’ accounts, Brid
OSM20Alms accounts(?), 6pp.
OSM21Churchwardens’ accounts, Bridge, 1734-5
OSM22Photocopies of KG article ‘Bridge - Past, Present
OSM23Robson’s London Directory, 1840
OSM25Newspaper entries, 1789, Kentish Chronicle, 10pp.
OSM26Newspaper entries, 1789, Kentish Chronicle(?), 23p
OSM27Newspaper entries, 1803, Kentish Chronicle(?), 6pp
OSM28Newspaper entries, 1827, KG, 4pp.
OSM29Newspaper entries, 1776, KG, 4pp.
OSM30Newspaper entries, 1777, KG, 5pp.
OSM31Newspaper entries, 1778, KG, 10pp.
OSM32Newspaper entries, 1850, KG, 8pp.
OSM33Newspaper entries, 1796, KG, 16pp.
OSM34Newspaper entries, 1779, KG(?), 4pp.
OSM351844 assessment from Bekesbourne churchwardens’ ac
OSM36Copy of death certificate for John Dunford, 1877
OSM37Listing of Tithe apportionment for Bridge, 1840
OSM38Various: will of George Collard (x2); MS notes on
OSM39Copy of original indenture and transcript re purch
OSM40Transcript of schedule of deeds relating to Oliver
OSM41Transcript of deeds and other documents in possess
OSM42Notes on ‘Wych Elm’ documents (1836-1988), propert
OSM43Photocopy images of Brine’s Hop-Pickers’ account b
OSM44List of schedule of deeds relating to Beechmount [
OSM45Transcript of Coach Directory, 1821, inns from whi
OSM46Transcripts of 18th century KG extracts, 2pp.
OSM50Original pass notice for Chemist and Druggist Qual
OSM51Photocopies of three letters c. 1943 from Dick Yeo
OSM52Original birth certificate for Alexander Reginald
OSM53Original marriage certificate for Alexander Clark
OSM54Transcript of sections of Act relating to New Dove
OSM55Colour photocopy of receipt for coffin, hearse and
OSM56MS transcripts of baptism, marriage and burial reg
OSM56/1List of records, 4pp.
OSM56/2Baptisms 1579-1767, 17pp.
OSM56/3Baptisms 1579-1767 cont., 17pp.
OSM56/4Marriages 1579-1812, 10pp.
OSM56/5Marriages 1837-1960, 16pp.
OSM56/6Archdeacons’ Transcripts, 3pp.
OSM56/7Burials 1579-1766, 15pp.
OSM56/8Burials 1767-1812, 2pp.
OSM56/9Burials 1813-1883, 3pp.
OSM56/10Burials 1813-1888, 6pp
OSM56/11Burials 1813-1888 cont., 7pp.
OSM56/12Burials 1888-1952, 13pp.
OSM56/13Burials (typed list), 1633-1977, 16pp.
OSM57Tenancy matters document for the four cottages in
OSM58Original receipt for coffin, attending funeral and
OSM24 Newspaper entries, 1800, Kentish Chronicle(?), 8pp
OSM47 Transcripts of 18th / 19th century KG extracts, 2p
OSM48 Original notice of death of Richard Herbert Yeo, 9
OSM49 Original certificate of birth of Gretchen Elizabet

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