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BP1Typed copy of notes for article on Bridge Place (l
BP2Typed copy of notes (for above article/BP1?) with
BP3Photocopy of article: P. G. Elgar, ‘The Braems of
BP4Photocopy of article relating to Sir Arthur Slings
BP5Photocopy of article: Jon Kepler, ‘The Internation
BP6Photocopy of article: Malcolm Pinhorn, ‘Lesser kno
BP7Braem(e)s Family: Photocopy of miscellaneous notes
BP8Typed notes from Parish Magazine, ‘Some Village No
BP9Cuttings (x2): Sotheby’s publishers catalogue: J H
BP10Photograph of front of Bridge Place, 2000, no sour
BP11Copies of two photographs: front of Bridge Place;
BP12Colour printout of central image
BP13As BP 14
BP14Photocopy of section of Journal of William Schelli
BP15Photocopy of Schellinks’ image of Bridge Place, Wa
BP16Photocopy of Schellinks’ picture of The Garden, Br
BP17Photcopy of entry on Schellinks in German [William
BP18Print out of sections of Diary of Samuel Pepys rel
BP19Printout of TNA will of William Partherich
BP20Photocopy: extracts from registers 1588-1682, 4pp.
BP21Photocopy: extracts from registers 1671-80
BP22Cutting re M. Pinhorn buying Bridge Place, undated
BP23KG article re fire at Bridge Place, 19 Feb 1971
BP24Newspaper article re Peter Malkin returning to UK
BP25Newspaper advert for Bridge Place nightclub with m
BP26Timeline of owners/information for Bridge Place (1
BP27Photocopies of two newspaper cuttings re sale of B
BP28Photocopy extract re Somner Society excavations at

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