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P1Photocopy photo of Rev. Raymond Gilbert and family
P2The Gate Inn, junction of Old and New Dover Roads
P3Copy F. J. Hogben’s shop, saddler, now 84 High Str
P4Charles Wills (baker) with his sister and aunt, Al
P5Copy of postcard print of Patrixbourne church
P6Original photos: Brookside Cottage , Patrixbourne
P74 photo postcards: Bridge High Street; Bourne Park
P8Photo postcard in plastic wallet, Bridge Place, po
P95 photo postcards sent to Miss Skinner: Bridge Hig
P10Seven enlarged copies of photos: Views of Hill Hou
P11Four modern photos: Church, Plough & Harrow pub; R
P12Photo postcard of Bridge High Street, sent to Mr &
P13Two modern photos of sides of Roman coin: Septimus
P14Copy of 1853 drawing of Bridge church by William F
BF154 photo postcards: Bifrons house and bridge
P15Copy of photo of Bridge and Patrixbourne Primary S
P16Photo of Bridge Fire Brigade
P17Envelope of ‘Six gelatined postcards’ of Bridge bu
P18Photocopy of drawing, Bridge High Street: Willem S
P19Photos: Bridge from Canterbury Hill (x2); Patrixbo
P20Two copies of photo: View from Church Meadow; one
P21One copy of photo: Patrixbourne church; one copy o
P22Two copies of photo: Bourne Park House; one copy o
P23One copy of photo: Bridge Hill from High Street; o
P24One copy of photo: St Peter’s Church, Bridge; one
P25One copy of photo: Bishopsbourne Village Street; o
P26Copy photo of The Street, Bridge, on board
P27Copy of photo of Bridge High Street (near the brid
P28Copy of photo of Bridge High Street (near village
P29Copy of photo of Bridge High Street (mid- High Str
P30Bridge Fire Brigade on engine in Brewery Lane, bac
P31Copy of photo of Bridge High Street (by Skippers),
P32Copy of photo of Bridge windmill (English Heritage
P33Copy of Schellinks’ sketch of Bridge, see P18
P34Postcard of Bridge Hill House, pencil note on back
P36Original photo of Bridge Fire Brigade (horse drawn
P37Two copies of group photo; one copy individual pho
P38Copy picture of Bill Rose(?); copy picture (from n
P39Two modern photos of ground layers in road hole in
P40Copy of photo of Bridge High Street near the bridg
P41Card and envelope: ‘The Canterbury races’ by Thoma
P42Two copies of an aerial photo showing hexagon feat
P43Two photos of Bridge windmill (one with, one witho
P44Two photo postcards: Bridge High Street near Ploug
P45Four photo postcards: The White Horse; The Old For
P46Nine modern photos: High Street buildings and chur
P47Set of modern prints of old pictures: various
P48A3 photocopy of photo from Church Meadow, 1903 sho
P49Photo of school group with letter from Mrs R. Wenn
P50Set of pictures with captions from BDHS Christmas
P51Copy of picture of Bifrons House
P52Annotated copy of group wedding photo of Harriett
P53Copy of photo of Bridge from junction with Bourne
P54Copy of photo of Bridge High Street, middle
P55Copy of photo of Union Road, Bridge
P56List of photographs with Ken Gravitt
P57Postcard photo interior of St Mary’s church, Patri
P58Aerial photograph copy of Bridge looking to NW
P59Four postcard photos: Old Riding Gate, Canterbury;
P60Four postcard photos: Bridge High Street with stea
P61Original and two copies of photo of Francis Edward
P62Photo of Bridge Hill with queued cars in the snow,
P63Copy of photo of group of uniformed men, some name
P64Postcard photo of elderly fireman and boy on engin
P65Packet of six gelatined postcards of Bridge, c. 19
P66Original photo: Bridge(?) United football team, 19
P67Copy of photo of the ford at Bridge with horse and
P68Copy of photo of Bridge school class, c. 1922(?);
P69Copies of NMR photos of Bridge windmill (AA81/1502
P70Photo of drawing, Bridge High Street: Willem Schel
P71Three views of fireman’s funeral parade through Br
P72Copy of drawing of Canterbury Longmarket, 1785 fro
P73Copy of aerial shot of The Close, Union Road; OS m
P74Copy of aerial photo of Bridge Place showing cropm
P75Copy of Bosch Buster photograph
P76Copy of Bosch Buster firing photograph
P77Marked copy of aerial photograph showing hexagonal
P78Copy of photograph of glass find from archaeologic
P79Copy of photograph of Count Zbrowski in Chitty Ban
P80Copy of photograph of Bifrons, Patrixbourne
P81Copy of Rowlandson painting of ‘Canterbury Races’
P82Copy of section of painting of Bifrons by Jan Wyck
P83Copy of Schellinks’ sketch drawing of Bridge High
P84Copy of Schellinks’ sketch drawing of the road to
P85Copy of photograph of the bridge over the river in
P86Copy of section of painting of Bridge Place
P87Copy of photograph of group of hop pickers (member
P88Copy of painting/drawing of bridge over the river
P89Copy of portrait photo of Sarah Emma Willett (née
P90Copy of photo of Bridge Industrial Home with bunti
P91Copies of nine photographs, Hollingsbee connection
P92Copy of group photograph of Mr Price and staff out
P93Copy of photograph of the High Street end of Union
P94Copy of photograph of children in fancy dress incl
P95Copies of photos of Cherry Price’s father: with do
P96Three copies of photos of events organised by Youn
P97Copies of photo of Mr Punnett with daughter, outsi
P98Three copies of photos of postcards of Bridge/Dove
P99Ten colour photos: Eight of flower festival exhibi
P100Copies of newspaper article in Kentish Express, Ja
P101Copies of 12 photos of Bridge by-pass Bonanza, 3 J
P102Copy of photo of Roger Hunter with daughter, Diana
P103Copy of photo of group of ladies of Civil Defence
P104Copy of group photo of farmers(?); copy of photo o
P105Copy of photo of school play c.1930(?); copy of ph
P106Copy of photo of Edward Bishop, 1960, in garden of
P107Copy of photo of hop pickers (some names on revers
P108Copies of twenty-four postcard views: Bridge Hill;
P109NMR Photographs of the bridge in Bridge High Stree
P110Letter re enclosed photocopies of NMR photographs
P110/1St Peter’s (x3)
P110/2bedroom cornice at Bridge Place
P110/3bedroom cornice at Bridge Place
P110/4bedroom cornice at Bridge Place
P110/5bedroom cornice at Bridge Place
P110/6Bedroom at Bridge Place
P110/7Staircase at Bridge Place
P110/8Fireplace at Bridge Place
P110/9Entrance at Bridge Place
P110/10Bridge Place exterior
P110/11Bridge Place exterior
P110/12Bridge Place exterior
P110/13Bridge Place exterior
P110/14Bridge Place exterior
P110/15Bridge Place exterior
P110/16Detail of painting of Bridge Place
P110/17Painting of Bridge Place
P110/18Bridge Farm (x6)
P110/19Houses on Dover Road (High Street) (x5)
P110/20Houses on Dover Road (High Street) (x5)
P110/21Houses on Dover Road (High Street) (x6)
P110/22Houses on Dover Road (High Street) (x4)
P110/23Interior, doorway of St Peter’s (x4)
P111Letter re enclosed photocopies of NMR photographs
P111/1Houses on Dover Road (High Street) (x6)
P111/2Houses on Dover Road (High Street) (x 6)
P111/3Bridge Farm (x5)
P112Card mounted photograph copies of postcards: Bridg
P113Seventeen sheets of photocopies of postcards etc.:
P113/1Dover Road, Bridge; St Peter’s; Littlebourne; chil
P113/2Military/fire brigade group(?)
P113/3The Old Ford
P113/4The Old Ford (x3)
P113/5Littlebourne postcard
P113/6The White Horse; Bridge Hill from High Street; Bif
P113/7Fire Brigade on fire engine; The Old Ford; High St
P113/8Brewery Lane(?); Bridge –from river
P113/9Flooding in Church Meadow(?); St Peter’s; Bridge f
P113/10High Street, south view
P113/11Higham Park; The Cascade, Bifrons park
P113/12Highland Court; Bridge – from river
P113/13St Peter’s; Bridge-Dover Road
P113/14Union Road; Bridge, Dover Road
P113/15Bridge High Street; Highland Court; Union Road
P113/16Fire brigade with fire engine; flooding, Church Me
P113/17Old bridge in High Street
P114Seventeen sheets of photocopies of postcards etc.:
P114/1The Old Ford
P114/2Bosch Buster at tunnel with soldiers; Bosch Buster
P114/3Jones family group outside Rosedale Villa
P114/4‘Doctors House’, corner Union Road/High Street
P114/5Union Road
P114/6Train at Bridge Station
P114/7Train at Bridge Station
P114/8‘Robins’, Bridge Hill
P114/9High Street; Brewery Lane
P114/10High Street; High Street by village hall
P114/12Higham Park
P114/13High Street hill; Bourne Park
P114/14Higham; The Cascade, Bifrons park
P114/15St Peter’s
P114/16Bridge from mill; St Peter’s
P114/17Bridge, The Old Ford
P115Nine colour photographs various views along Bridge
P116Photographic postcard copies of old postcards: Bri
P117Negatives for P116
P118Five aerial photographs from J. A. S. Air Survey L
P119MS letter re enclosed copies of five photographs:
P120Three original photo postcards: Interior St Peter’
P121Photograph copy of panoramic view of ford towards
P122Copy of photo of Jones family outside Rosedale Vil
P123Copy of photo (colour) of The White Horse, undated
P124Two copies of photo (colour) of The White Horse, u
P125Two copies of photos of Bridge windmill from W. C.
P126Page with four images of windmill (Finch, Amos, Ti
P127Photo postcard of Bishopsbourne village
P128Four copies of photos of Bridge windmill; copy of
P129Postcard photo of St Peter’s Church Bridge, 1950s
P130Photo of village cricket team, late 1930s(?) [Will
P131Six original photo postcards in plastic wallets: B
P131/1Postcard: Union Road, Bridge.
P131/2Postcard photo: St Peter’s from road, modern [Will
P131/3Postcard photo: Floods at Bridge (Plough & Harrow)
P131/4Postcard photo of St Peter’s church Bridge, undate
P132Postcard photo of Bridge Cricket team, c. 1930 [Wi
P133Postcard photo of the ford at Bridge, 1959 [Willia
P134Copy of NMR photo of Bridge windmill, Jan 1933
P135Copy of photo of The White Horse
P136Copy of photo of Bridge High Street (slightly colo
P137Copy of photo of Bridge-Dover Road (High Street) (
P138Fourteen modern photos – Bridge School event (fete
P139Fourteen modern photos – Bridge School event (fete
P140Photo of the river from the bridge in the High Str
P141Original photo of Mrs Lucy Yeo with her children G
P142Original photo of wedding of Gretchen Yeo and A. C
P143Copies of photos of Union Road, Bridge and inner c
P144Two colour photos, Montesquieu-related
P145Copy of sketch drawing of Bridge Hill, 1960
P146Copy of sketch drawing of Bridge ford, undated
P147Image of Bourne Park, from Country Life article(?)
P148Card, with drawing of Patrixbourne church by G. Wo
P149Modern photo: Mrs Young of Beech Hill receiving ch
P150Photocopy: photos of two houses, undated, unidenti
P151Cutting: Two photos of Bridge - The Old Ford; Unio
P152Publisher’s flyer: Domesday Book (Phillimore) with
P153Photocopy photo of Bifrons, undated [Williamson 38
P154Photo of Monty August (Chief Exec. UK Paper plc) o
P155Modern photo: St Mary’s Church, Patrixbourne, from
P156Original photo: aerial view of Patrixbourne, 1925(
P157Photocopy Plate 16 (no source): Schellinks: Villag
P158Photo inscribed ‘Victory Outing 1919’ [Williamson
P159Various modern photos: view to High Street from ga
P160Colour photo of stained glass in St Mary’s Church,
P161Modern colour photo of Nailbourne flowing strongly
P162Modern colour photo of Nailbourne flowing strongly
P163Modern colour photo of Nailbourne flowing strongly
P164Postcard colour photo of Middelburg [Williamson 91
P165Modern colour photo of Nailbourne flowing strongly
P166Newspaper photo of Mrs S. Moore & children of Brid
P167Amateur photo of Beechmount, obscured by trees, 19
P168Postcard photo of Chateau de la Brede in 1850, Mon
P169Postcard photo of Chateau Belle Assise Coureau (no
P170Postcard photo of tower of St Mary Magdalen in Can
P171Postcard photo of Chateau de Labrede [Williamson 4
P172Postcard photo of Bishopsbourne Street, published
P173Photo of St Mary’s Church Patrixbourne by I. Milto
P174Cardboard box of collections of photographs as fol
P174/1Envelope containing 140 photos of Millennium Festi
P174/2Envelope containing 29 photos of monuments in Patr
P174/384 envelopes containing sets of four old postcard
P174/4Envelope containing extra copies of old postcard v
P174/5Envelope containing 8 views in A4 format
P174/6Envelope containing miscellaneous photos, many of
P174/7Envelope containing photo folder, b/w photos of Br
P174/8Photo folder, mainly of Bridge church interior, wi
P174/9Photo folder, Bridge High Street, no negatives, 19
P174/10Photo folder, Bridge High Street, no negatives, 20
P174/11Photo folder, Bridge High Street, no negatives, 19
P174/12Photo folder, Bridge High Street, four sets of neg
P174/13Photo folder, Bridge & Patrixbourne, with negative
P174/14Photo folder, floods, no negatives, 2001
P174/15Photo folder, Bishopsbourne Station, Jul 2000, no
P174/16Plastic bag, 54 photos, funeral of Laurence Shirle
P174/17Photo folder, 11 photos of Millennium exhibition,
P174/18Photo folder, induction of Rev. P. Filmer, 22 phot
P174/19Photo folder, 35 b/w photos, life in Bridge, mostl
P175Purple ring binder / mostly modern photographs
P175/1High Street house / High Street house / Roger’s ga
P175/2High Street view (White Horse/Londis) / High Stree
P175/3Children outside Bridge School / ‘Ship’ house / Hi
P175/4River / garden flowers / child at play park / Chur
P175/5Old Forge house / Surgery / Riverside Close & recr
P175/6River view / High Street view by butchers / High S
P175/7High Street houses / view of church / White Horse
P175/8Bus stop near Post Office / recreation ground with
P175/9Patrixbourne river bridge / river bridge / church
P175/10River bridge in Barham? / School House / Barham Co
P175/11Archbishop’s Palace, Bekesbourne / view of Bekesbo
P175/12Presentation by Rev. Raymond Gilbert to ? in schoo
P175/13Exhibition boards in village hall (x 8)
P175/14Flood waters Bridge ford / flood waters Old Forge
P175/15Flood waters Bourne Park (x 3) / Old postcard inte
P176Cross reference only - see N/nd/84 for unique pict
P177Two photocopy pictures of Bridge fire engine/briga
P178Photocopy of sketch drawing of Patrixbourne church
P179Three photocopies of Schellinks’ drawing of Bridge
P180Envelope with photographic postcards of old images
P181Photo wallet with 6 pictures of Bridge Parish Coun
P182Large colour photo of group outside village hall,
P183Photocopies of view of Patrixbourne, no source, un
P184Five photo postcards: Waterfall Cottage, Patrixbou
P35 Postcard photo of Bridge: Canterbury Hill, c. 1910

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