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MED1Audio tape: 1994 Parish Council centenary exhibiti
MED2Audio tape: 1994 exhibition, copy of MED1
MED3VHS tape: W Hammond, Bygones of Bridge
MED4VHS tape: Funeral of Laurence Shirley, 2003
MED5VHS tape: The Nailbourne in Flood: Brian Skinner
MED6CD Boyle Collection cuttings etc.
MED7CD Bridge photos
MED8CD User Manual for digital projector
MED9CD two images, Womens’ Institute certificates, 192
MED10CD Bekesbourne Son-et-lumiere sound track
MED11CD Art in Bridge
MED12CD Wilkinson, Bridge dig report (appears to be emp
MED13CD Bygone Bridge
MED14CD 20th Anniversary presentation
MED15Memory Stick: text of Boyle on Bifrons
MED16Two microfilms of Bridge registers held by CCA
MED17DVD ‘The Beauty and the Suffering of the Nailbourn

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