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PC1Bridge Village Appraisal (in ‘perfect’ binding), 1
PC2Affordable housing project flyer, letter and quest
PC3Leaflet: Bridge Neighbourhood Plan, 2016
PC4Booklet: Rural England, summary of governmental Wh
PC5Lower Hardres PC parish appraisal, 1989
PC6Parish election documents: letter re review of ele
PC7MS and typed letters re Bridge Floral competition,
PC8Correspondence relating to the village clock, 1995
PC9Correspondence, copies of newspaper articles etc.
PC10Correspondence etc. relating to Bridge Village Pla
PC11Correspondence relating to Bridge School governors
PC12Correspondence relating to the annual fete, 1997-2
PC13Correspondence re school oversubscription, 1998, 8
PC14Short text on The Close by Pamela Hall, piece enti
PC15Correspondence relating to mobile classroom and sc
PC16Parish accounts; minutes of appraisal committee, m
PC17Bridge Village Appraisal booklet, 1995/6
PC18Bridge Village Appraisal booklet, 1995/6
PC19Bridge Village Appraisal questionnaire, undated
PC20Parish election documents x 6, 1976, 1983, 1995
PC21Parish election documents, 1977
PC22Police liaison documents (x18) re neighbourhood wa
PC23Rural policing documents (x5), 1994-2003
PC24Rural policing documents (x8), 1994-2002
PC25Letter to inhabitants re purchase of Bridge villag
PC26Parish Council newsletter, Summer 2007
PC27Parish Council newsletter, Spring 2016

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