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SB1Red scrapbook
SB1/136MS letter to JW from Joyce Frame re local history
SB1/137Postcard photos: St Peter’s from rear, pre-restora
SB1/138Postcard photo: St Peter’s from road, modern, loos
SB1/139Postcard photo: St Peter’s interior, modern, loose
SB1/140MS copy Memorandum of Agreement re gas lighting of
SB1/141Booklet: Bridge Bowling Club rules, 7 May 1931, 8p
SB1/142Booklet: Permit Book No. 72866, Aug 1916, 14 leave
SB1/143Booklet: Rules and Regulations for Allotment Tenan
SB1/144Photo: Cricket team, c. 1900
SB1/145Photo: Cricket team, c. 1920
SB1/146Photo: Cricket team, c. 1930
SB1/147Cutting with photo: Bridge United Football team, 1
SB1/148Cutting: ‘Bridge FC – 50 years ago’
SB1/149Photo: Bridge Football Club, undated
SB1/150Photo: Bridge Football Club, 1919-20
SB1/151Photo: Bridge Football Club, undated but c. 1900
SB1/152Postcard photo: Bridge High Street from Laundry La
SB1/153Postcard photo: High Street and Bridge Hill from N
SB1/154Postcard photo: Laundry Lane, c.1900
SB1/155Photo: ‘Bridge Gipsies 1908’, female group
SB1/156Photo: group outside village hall, c.1910
SB1/157Postcard photo: High Street from the Plough and Ha
SB1/158Photo: Brewery supplies (crates of bottles), Derin
SB1/159Postcard photo: crowd and military procession outs
SB1/160Photo: East Kent charabanc outing, c.1920
SB1/161Photo: Barberry Cottage, Patrixbourne Rd, c.1930 [
SB1/162Postcard photo: after a fire at Anne’s House (Will
SB1/163Photo of elderly trio outside front of 15 High St(
SB1/164Cutting: Bridge news, photo of Lady Cornwallis, c.
SB1/165Cutting: report of Jubilee celebrations, courtesy
SB1/166Postcard photo: flood in High Street, view from Pa
SB1/167Cutting: advertisement for Travelling Electric Sho
SB1/168Photo: group of ladies (WI?), undated
SB1/169Cutting, Kentish Express: photo Bridge and Patrixb
SB1/170Cutting, Country Life 10 Feb 1972: Sale ad for tur
SB1/171Cutting, KG 28 May 1932: ‘Bridge, its life and act
SB1/172As 171, continued (British Legion, HB Spanton of L
SB1/173As 171, continued (the Grand Old Man, C Wills, 184
SB1/174As 171, continued (photo, W. H. Spanton)
SB1/175As 171, continued (photo, C. Wills)
SB1/176As 171, continued (photo, St Peter’s Church)
SB1/177Cutting: Celebration of Empire Day, undated
SB1/178Cutting: The fire brigade, undated, incomplete rep
SB1/179Cutting: The WI, The Nursing Association, Mothers’
SB1/180Cutting: various Bridge trade ads: H. G. Price/F.
SB1/181Cutting: Report of meeting of Bridge Rural Distric
SB1/182Cutting: various Bridge trade ads: V. G. Stockwell
SB1/183Cutting: Sunday School outing, undated
SB1/184Cutting: Photo, Bridge High Street looking south f
SB1/185Cutting: Photo, Nailbourne at Bifrons
SB1/186Cutting: Diamond wedding of Mr (b.1847) & Mrs (b.
SB1/187Cutting: Dover Express, 19 Mar 1937: photo, floods
SB1/188Cutting, as 187: photo, floods in Patrixbourne
SB1/189Cutting: KG 11 May 1935: photo, floods around Brid
SB1/190Cutting: photo, floods around Bridge church, c. 19
SB1/191Cutting: photo, floods in Brewery Lane, c. 1935?
SB1/192Cutting: (2 parts) Kent Messenger 12 Mar 1927: bio
SB1/193Cutting: Country Life, 13 Feb 1969: photo, topiary
SB1/194Cutting: (4 parts) KG 18 Apr 1936, report of funer
SB1/195Cutting: as 194: photo, funeral of J. Friend
SB1/196Cutting: Bridge Parish Magazine(?), 1976: photo, s
SB1/197Cutting: Evening Standard 28 Nov 1972: photo, acci
SB1/198Cutting: ‘Troubled waters over Bridge’, as 2000th
SB1/199Cutting: 1972: ‘Rumble, rumble – more trouble!’, l
SB1/200Cutting: photo, traffic through Bridge, undated, l
SB1/201Cutting: photo, cottages in Primrose Alley (Ship i
SB1/202Cutting: Highways notice, Bridge by-pass, 23 Oct 1
SB1/203Cutting: May 1972: photo, aftermath of accident at
SB1/204Cutting: photo, sitdown in Bridge High Street, und
SB1/205Cutting: photo, aerial view of Bridge village, und
SB1/206Cutting: map of proposed Bridge by-pass, undated
SB1/207Cutting: ‘At last! The Bridge by-pass route is fix
SB1/208Poster: Bridge Sit-down and Rally, 21 Oct 1972
SB1/209Cutting: photo, Black Prince etc., ‘Bridge-Blean R
SB1/210Cutting: 6 Jan 1961: photo, floodwater in Bridge
SB1/211Cutting: Bridge Brownie Party, undated
SB1/212Cutting: photo, 4th birthday of Bridge Brownies, u
SB1/213Cutting: 7 Jul 1967: photo, the ford, Bridge
SB1/214Cutting: 19 Mar 1937(?): various photos of floods
SB1/215Cutting: KG: ‘Prosperity in the offing’, review of
SB1/216Cutting: photo sit-down blocks A2, Oct 1972
SB1/217Cutting: photo, John Purchese and policeman, undat
SB1/218Cutting: photo, L. Shirley, newly elected to Bridg
SB1/219Cutting: photo, Bridge Brownies, undated
SB1/220Cutting: photo, Bridge police D. Carless and B. Go
SB1/221Cutting: photo, Rev. C. Perry, undated
SB1/222Cutting: photo, milkman J. McNally, undated
SB1/223Cutting: photo, E. G. R. Baker in the baker’s shop
SB1/224Cutting: photo, courtyard of The Close (Union Work
SB1/225Cutting: photo, Bridge school swimming pool, undat
SB1/226Cutting: photo, members of WI, undated
SB1/227Cutting: Archaeological discovery by J. and N. Shi
SB1/228Cutting: ‘A seat beside the ford’ (in Mill Lane) p
SB1/229Cutting: ‘Church tower work now finished’, repairs
SB1/230Photocopy map extract of Bridge area (6 in), loose
SB1/231MS note re I. Taylor, Kingston (local history), lo
SB2Blue scrapbook
SB2/1Various birth/christening notices
SB2/2Various obituary notices
SB2/3Various marriage and death reports
SB2/4Mr A. M. Taylor
SB2/5Mr A. M. Taylor; Methodist Harvest service sheet 1
SB2/6Walter Cherry (of the White Horse); Major John Pre
SB2/7Hardingham; Spalding; Bremner-Smith; Urry; Apps; P
SB2/8Whigham*; White Horse Inn
SB2/9Whigham*; Horticultural Society*; ghost; Ward / Ma
SB2/10British Legion dinner at Bridge*; Ingram / Sharpe*
SB2/11Mee / Stevens*; Russell (Prestige)*; Prestige*
SB2/12Park; Blee memorial at village hall*; Purssord (b
SB2/13Bridge Pleasant Hour Club*; Bridge British Legion
SB2/14Bridge British Legion party for children*; Safe-dr
SB2/15Tilleard / Buffs*; Price (Linton Cottages)*; Taylo
SB2/16WI*; Councillors / Stoneway caravan park*
SB2/17Ingram*; Blee / Griffiths*; ‘Local Yokel’; Annotat
SB2/18By pass / Penney / Taylor*; League of Friends of C
SB2/19Isaacson / Hawkins*; Revs Brough*; Annotated photo
SB2/20Flood*; Safe drivers*; Bishop
SB2/21Dr Hunter*; Harney / Sweetman*
SB2/22Tilleard; Fete*; Scouts of Sturry*
SB2/23Morrissey / Osborne*; Crown Point*
SB2/24Carey*; Prestige*
SB2/25Sinclair; Bassett; Marquess Conyngham; Williams*
SB2/26Taylor / Cribb*; Berry*
SB2/27Legg and Pack in landau*; Taylor, Robertson*; Bart
SB2/29Farren / Hooke; Chestfield
SB2/30Stone; Princess Alice
SB2/31Ladd / Lister*; Metcalf / Peachey*; Rose*; Barnes
SB2/32Princess Alice
SB2/33Princess Alice
SB2/34Sassoon; Lt.-Col. Gardiner / Toni Gardiner / King
SB2/35Hussein/Gardiner*; Russell*; Steven’s
SB2/37Pringle; Stride*
SB2/39Stride*; Hanley
SB2/40Lockwood*; Macqueen-Pope*; [Loose b/n 40 & 41] Que
SB2/41Dunkirk re-enactment at Camber Sands*
SB2/42London University*; Welch/Cheney*
SB2/43Eggleton, Winslade*
SB2/45Cherry*; Hardington; Baby show*
SB2/46A2 protest*
SB2/47Bridge High Street crash*
SB2/48Lewis / Mc Nally / A2*
SB2/49Bridge Fire Brigade*; Hawkins outfitters*; Bridge
SB2/50Bridge policemen Carless and Goodwin*; Perry / Pri
SB2/51Aerial photograph of Bridge*
SB2/52Frozen sea at Herne Bay*
SB2/53High Street crash (A2) / Lewis*; Judo taxi-driver*
SB2/54Non-local archaeology finds

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