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COR/00s/1Letter from Mrs Gleadall to JW and reply from MR t
COR/00s/2Emails to/from Liz Clements and MR re recollection
COR/00s/3Letter from Roger Mardon to MR re 1902 Kelly’s Loc
COR/00s/4Letter from Mary Gleadall to MR re Jarvis family,
COR/00s/5Letter from NMR re aerial photos of Bridge, Apr 20
COR/00s/6Letter from Susan Pittman with info re local colle
COR/00s/7Letter from Robyn Daniell (Australia) to Bill Daws
COR/00s/8Letters from Dr J. H. Higginson to MR re Methodist
COR/00s/9Letter from Mrs Betty Elzea to MR re artist Willia
COR/10s/2Email correspondence between MR and Courtauld re u
COR/10s/3Email correspondence between MR and Alan Barber re
COR/60s/1Letter to Mrs L. A. Friend from County Hall re pub
COR/60s/2Photocopy letter to King’s School from New York St
COR/60s/3MS letter to JW from Cicely Bankes re church pamph
COR/60s/4MS letter to JW from Mrs A. Burvill (grandfather w
COR/60s/5MS letter to Colin Perry from Philip Beake (Barham
COR/60s/6MS letter to JW from Mrs L. Friend re tumuli & Bag
COR/60s/7Letter to JW from D. A. Paine (Mitrequest), enquir
COR/60s/8Letter to Mrs Shirley from Canterbury Museum re Ar
COR/60s/9MS letter to Colin Perry from Philip Beake re Mrs
COR/70s/1Letter to JW from P. Ransome-Wallis re railways, 2
COR/70s/2Letter to JW from A. Shirley (National Maritime Mu
COR/70s/3MS letter to JW from R. J. Burden, Brewery History
COR/70s/4Photocopy letter to JW from Brewery History Societ
COR/70s/5MS letter to JW of White Horse re brewing
COR/70s/6MS letter to JW from M. Pinhorn re Bridge Place, 2
COR/70s/7Letter to JW from (Reg Williams?) in Montgomery re
COR/70s/8Letter to JW from Australian High Commission in Lo
COR/70s/9MS letter to JW from Paul Pollak re George Gipps,
COR/70s/10Letter to Bridge Parish Council from DofE re A2 by
COR/70s/11MS letter to JW from Jesus College, Cambridge arch
COR/70s/12Letter to JW from Royal Insurance, 22 Oct 1976
COR/70s/13MS letter to JW from Jesus College, Cambridge arch
COR/70s/14Letter to JW from Librarian of Pembroke College, C
COR/70s/15Letter to JW from Librarian of Pembroke College, C
COR/70s/16Letter to JW from India Office Library re unknown
COR/70s/17Letter to Canon Perry from Dr P. F. Cartwright re
COR/70s/18MS letter to Canon Perry from Baron de Montesquieu
COR/70s/19MS letter to Canon Perry from Dr Cartwright re Bar
COR/70s/20MS letter to JW from (M. M. Benchley?) re visit of
COR/70s/21Letter to JW from Bridge WI re transcription of St
COR/80s/1Letter (typed) to JW from Mrs J. Plewes (Canada) r
COR/80s/2Letter (typed) to JW from Mrs J. Plewes (Canada) r
COR/80s/3MS letter to JW from The Byron Society re Ada Love
COR/80s/4Letter to JW from Mrs D. Langley Moore re Ada Love
COR/80s/5Bridge flyer from Parish Council to village reside
COR/80s/6Letter to JW from (?) re Canterbury records volume
COR/80s/7MS letter from Dr Cartwright on behalf of Baroness
COR/80s/8MS letter to Mr Sandford from Iris Cox re memorial
COR/80s/9MS letter to JW from Dr K. Grose re Sir George Gip
COR/80s/10Letter to JW from Kelvin Grose re Sir George Gipps
COR/80s/11MS letter to JW from Iris Cox re Baron de Montesqu
COR/80s/12Letter to JW from the University of Kent library r
COR/80s/13MS letter to JW from Sylvia Dunford re Dunford fam
COR/80s/14Letter to JW from Courtauld Institute Galleries re
COR/80s/15MS letter to JW from (?) re family papers relating
COR/80s/16MS letter to JW from John Chapman re photos (possi
COR/80s/17Letter to JW from The Society of the Cincinnati re
COR/80s/19Letter to JW from the Courtauld Institute (G. Kenn
COR/80s/20Photocopy letter to JW re Conynghams, incomplete,
COR/80s/21Letter to Mrs J. J. Wilkinson (i.e. JW) from Count
COR/80s/22Postcard to JW from Ann Shirley, 14 Jan 1988
COR/80s/23Letter to (Canon Perry?) from Dom. G. Murphy reque
COR/80s/24MS letter to JW from M. Sparks re Augustinian cano
COR/80s/25Copy of letter to JW from (L. Lyle?) about Patrixb
COR/80s/26Photocopy MS letter to JW from P. Ewart re photos
COR/80s/27Typed letter to R. Gilbert from S. Sicard re Ameli
COR/80s/28Photocopy MS letter from Paul Hulton to Anne Shirl
COR/80s/29Letter to JW from Walpole Society, info on the Soc
COR/80s/30Photocopy MS letter from J Williamson to (Walpole
COR/80s/31Letter to JW from Mr Miles (King’s School) re Sche
COR/80s/32Letter to JW from Austrian National Library re Sch
COR/80s/33Bridge Parish Council questionnaire on housing nee
COR/80s/34Letter to JW from Jonathan Hunt re Jocelyn Brooke
COR/80s/35Photocopy MS letter JW to Mr Williams, treasurer o
COR/90s/1Letter to JW from Mowll & Mowll solicitors re deed
COR/90s/2Copy of COR/90s/3
COR/90s/3Note from Cathedral Archives re Bridge and Patrixb
COR/90s/4MS letter to JW from P. Pollak (King’s School) re
COR/90s/5Letter to JW from M. Pinhorn re Bridge Place, 18 O
COR/90s/6Letter to JW from M. Pinhorn re Horace Mann, 29 Oc
COR/90s/7Letter to JW from Savills re Bridge Development, 1
COR/90s/8MS letter to JW from J. Jelf re E.E. Jelf, died Br
COR/90s/9Letter to JW from Brian Hogben (UKC Library) re Mo
COR/90s/10MS letter to JW from C.E. Davis (New Zealand) re J
COR/90s/11Letter to JW from Stephen Bann (UKC) re John Bargr
COR/90s/12Letter to JW from Dr T. Hands (King’s School) re R
COR/90s/13MS letter to JW from Norman Fowler re River House
COR/90s/14MS letter to JW from Ann Shirley re publication of
COR/90s/15Letter to JW from Cathedral Archive re village rec
COR/90s/16Letter to Bridge Parish Council from Kentish Stour
COR/90s/17Letter to JW from Macclesfield Museums Trust re Mr
COR/90s/18Letter to JW from A. Calladine, Royal Commission o
COR/90s/19MS letter to JW from Mrs Day re Mann family (origi
COR/90s/20Copy of COR/90s/19
COR/90s/21MS letter from Olive Knight to Mrs Day re village
COR/90s/22Letter from Cathedral glass studios re Swiss glass
COR/90s/23Letters to JW from Kent Highways & KCC re Elham Va
COR/90s/24Letter to JW from KCC re Elham Valley Trail sign,
COR/90s/25Letter to JW from Bridge Parish Council re Elham V
COR/90s/26MS letter to JW from E. Fox, requesting photos of
COR/90s/27MS letter to JW from E. Fox, relation to Conyngham
COR/90s/28Letter to JW from Friends of the Canterbury Museum
COR/90s/29Letter to JW from W. Dawson to accompany first pro
COR/90s/30MS letter to JW from (S. Dunford?) requesting Vill
COR/90s/31Letter from Tony Girling (solicitor) to JW re arti
COR/90s/32Letter to JW from BDHS re speaking at a meeting, 9
COR/90s/33Letter to JW from A. & L. Tate re Crosoer family i
COR/90s/34Letter to JW from W. Dawson (BDHS) re village lock
COR/90s/35Letter to JW from Peter Elgar re Braems family, 19
COR/90s/36Email to MR from UKC library re Pike’s Blue Book,
COR/90s/37[See also COR/90s/39] Series of correspondence bet
COR/90s/38Letter to JW from Simon Jenkins (The Times) re vis
COR/90s/39[See also COR/90s/37] Letter from RCHM England to
COR/90s/40Letter to JW from A. De Filippo (Imperial War Muse
COR/90s/41Letter to J. Millerson (i.e. JW) from Shepherd Nea
COR/90s/42MS letter to JW from Ken Smith (editor, Brewery Hi
COR/90s/43Copy of MS letter to Mr & Mrs Snell from Mr & Mrs
COR/90s/44Letter to Ailsa Williamson from Michael Watcham re
COR/90s/45Letter to MR from English Heritage re Bridge windm
COR/90s/46Letter to Mr Cornfield (Corfield) from Vic O’Conne
COR/90s/47Letter from David Pentin to JW re Bridge Exhibitio
COR/nd/1Letter to JW from National Portrait Gallery re cop
COR/nd/2MS letter to JW from Anne (Neame) re Mozart Cricke
COR/nd/3Photocopy of reverse of COR/90s/5: Bibliography of
COR/nd/46 sheets of research for Yacht Prince Albert, inte
COR/nd/5Photocopy MS letter from Paul Hulton to Anne Shirl
COR/nd/6Original letter to JW from (Baron de Montesquieu?)
COR/nd/7Photocopy of COR/nd/6 along with a photocopy of an
COR/nd/8Child’s letter re opening of the Bridge by-pass (J
COR/nd/9Letter from MR to Laurence Lyle re local cropmark
COR/nd/10Letter to JW from Courtauld Institute re Schellink
COR/nd/11Photocopy of COR/nd/5
COR/nd/12Letter to JW from KAO re copy of a Walpole Society
COR/nd/13Advertising letter from Aerofilms re aerial photog
COR/nd/14MS letter from ‘la mere de Henri de Montesquieu’
COR/nd/15Letter from Peter Cook to MR re Charles May miller

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