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HP1History of “Higham”, Highland Court, Bridge Parish
HP2Typewritten notes: ‘The Chitty-Bang-Bangs and Coun
HP3Cutting (KG?), notice of sale of Highland Court (w
HP4Photocopy photo: Higham, with large crane, undated
HP5Cutting: Advert for Parker Knoll sale at Higham, 1
HP6Cutting: Obituary Sir Charles Hughes Hallett (Hall
HP7Photocopy cutting: report on storm of Oct 1987
HP8Cutting: re restoration of gardens at Higham, KG,
HP9Cutting: re Jubilee carnival at Highland court, un
HP10Cutting report of Jubilee celebrations, courtesy W
HP11Photocopy of entry in Kent County Year Book for W.
HP12Cutting: death announcement W. H. Whigham, 1973
HP13Ticket for Jubilee celebrations held at Highland C
HP14Copy of Extra newspaper article: ‘Zborowski – the
HP15‘Zborowski – the birth of a legend’ by Martin Shee
HP16‘Zeppelin power under the bonnet’ by Martin Sheers
HP17Photocopy article ‘The Racing Count’ by P. G. Elga
HP18Cutting: re Higham, ‘Listed mansion to become luxu
HP19Cutting: Telegraph article on restoration of Higha
HP20Photocopy obituary of Sir Charles Hughes Hallett,
HP21Typed/MS notes and timeline for history of Higham
HP22Cutting: ‘Hit film car to visit roots at stately h
HP23Quiz photos of rotunda at Higham and Count Zborows
HP24Letter from parish clerk to MR re speaking at High
HP25Copy of Higham Park preliminary historical assessm
HP26Copy of HP1
HP27Photocopy article: ‘The Racing Count’ by P. G. Elg
HP28Cutting: photo of Zborowski at the wheel of Chitty
HP29Cutting: Telegraph, ‘Playboy Count died at wheel’,
HP30Cutting: The Express, ‘Headless count goes back to
HP31Cutting: Kent Extra, Chitty recollections by Marti
HP32Cutting: Kent Motoring and Leisure, ‘A motoring ag
HP33Web printouts: from ‘Hythe live’ website, entry re
HP34Weekend magazine article: ‘Our stately home on a s

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