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OSW1Copy of will of Charles de Secondat Baron De Monte
OSW2Transcript of will of Peter Colsonsacke of Bridge
OSW3Copy of will of Elizabeth Williams, 1850, PROB11/2
OSW4Copy of will of Sarah Cole, 1854, PROB11/2190 (TNA
OSW5Copy of will of John Gibbs, 1857, PROB11/2260 (TNA
OSW6Copy of will of Miller Smithson, 1841, PROB11/1955
OSW7Copy of will of John Lansberry, 1849, PROB11/2101
OSW8Copy of will of Thomas Irons, 1823, PROB11/1666 (T
OSW9Copy of will of John Stoakes, 1658, PROB11/273 (TN
OSW10Copy of will of Thomas Fitch, 1814, PROB11/1555 (T
OSW11Copy of will of Hannah Burgis, 1816, PROB11/1581 (
OSW12Copy of will of Lydia Hobbs, 1826, PROB11/1715 (TN
OSW13Copy of will of Elizabeth Whitley, 1813, PROB11/15
OSW14Copy of will of Sarah Irons, 1836, PROB11/1770 (TN
OSW15Copy of will of J Hartley, 1833, PROB11/1814 (TNA
OSW16Copy of will of J Stevens, 1654, PROB11/246 (TNA c
OSW17Copy of will of S. Hardeman, 1843, PROB11/1979 (TN
OSW18Copy of will of J. Fagg, 1828, PROB11/1743 (TNA co
OSW19Copy of will of M. Foord, 1658, PROB11/281 (TNA co
OSW20Copy of will of T. Neale, 1819, PROB11/1621 (TNA c
OSW21Printout list of Bekesbourne wills from TNA: Thoma
OSW22Printout list of Patrixbourne wills from TNA: List
OSW23Printout list of Bishopsbourne wills from TNA: Lis
OSW24Printout list of Beckingham wills from TNA: List o
OSW25MS list of names and dates of wills related to Bri
OSW26Copy of will of John Sturgis, 1593, PROB11/85 (TNA
OSW27Copy of will of Elianor Thompson, 1802, PROB11/48
OSW28Copy of will of Henry Lawrence, 1565, PROB11/1372
OSW29Copy of will of Francis Crosoer, 1780, PROB11/1060
OSW30Copy of will of Elizabeth Garner, 1818, source unk
OSW31As OSW30, enlarged
OSW32Photocopy Will of Charles de Secondat, Baron Monte

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