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M1Article from Inline magazine about Bishopsbourne a
M2English Touring Opera leaflet, 2003
M3KAFS Newsletter No. 3, article re Anglo-Saxon ceme
M4KAFS Newsletter No. 2, article re Anglo-Saxon ceme
M5Copy of The Sole Society article ‘Memories of an O
M6Letter from Peter Seary (CAT) to Parish Council (x
M7BDHS Members list 2006-7, 2007-8 [closed access]
M8Entry from Maggs catalogue no. 1395: Document re m
M9Cover letter from R. G. Thomas at Barham Court, co
M10Copy of KCC notice of temporary prohibition of dri
M11Kent tourism leaflet ‘James Bond country’, undated
M12Kent conservation bulletin No. 82/2, Aug 1982
M13KCC leaflet and CD ‘Living in Kent’
M14Compliment slip from Le-Las Associates, chartered
M15Compliment slip from W. Lawrence Banks CBE DL
M16North Nailbourne Conservatives newsletter, Dec 200
M17CCC/Kent Highways, Bridge traffic calming proposal
M18Information on Bridge held at the NMR, 1999
M19Copy of Royal Air Force photography request form,
M20Copy of NMR copy forms
M21Information on NMR Centre
M22Photocopy order forms for NMR Centre
M23‘The Record’, newsletter of the RCHME, Autumn 1997
M24Powys Digital History Project notes on workhouses,
M25Kent Council of Social Service village appraisal l
M26Information from re dating We
M27Copy of letter re replacing footbridge, Mill Lane,
M28Information on longcase clock made by John Nash of
M29Letter regarding memories of war evacuation to Bri
M30Letter regarding Filmer House, 2004
M31Letter from Cathedral Archive re classification of
M32Leaflet for Pilgrim’s Hospice Garden Safari, 2010
M33Leaflet re forthcoming book about the brewing trad
M34Poem by ‘The Troll’ entitled ‘Who’s that walking o
M35From Parish Magazine(?), entry re Bridge School re
M36Copy of ‘Interesting Connections’, notes on local
M37Photocopy cutting: Journals of W. Townsend, The Li
M38Cutting: Communications at Bridge (report on Prima
M39Copy of extract re sale of Riverside House in 1904
M40Booksellers list: publishers’ remainders, No. 142
M41Cutting: pp. 3-4 Parish Magazine, undated (Apr) in
M42Leaflet: Royal Geographical Society newsletter, re
M43Notes on Bridge by JW from Parish Magazine, undate
M44Cutting: notes on great houses of Bridge, Parish M
M45Copy of report re lecture tour to Sydney, Australi
M46Halesia diptera tree
M47CAT newsletter no. 16, includes drawings of Burste
M48Cutting: Notes on the history of Bekesbourne, 4 cy
M49Cutting: Aerial History, photo of Bekesbourne Aero
M50Typewritten reminiscences ‘Patrixbourne cum Bridge
M51Photocopy: Diary, 11 Oct 1940, The Listener 1 Jul,
M52Cutting: ‘May they rest in peace’ obituaries of Je
M53Publisher’s flyer: ‘Sturry: the Changing Scene’, u
M54Cutting: ‘Best foot forwards’, rerouting footpath
M55Cutting: ‘A Special job in Bridge’ (special consta
M56Cyclostyle copy: typed description of Bridge villa
M57Photocopy: guide to Kent County Archives holdings
M58Article: D. Collyer, ‘Somewhere in England’, Bygon
M59Article: ‘European challenge for English hops’ by
M60Typed sheet with results of traffic census in Brid
M61Copy of M56
M62Printed extract re Barham Downs, no source, undate
M63Printed notes on Montesquieu (ref. Bridge Hill Hou
M64Cutting: reprint of 18th century comments on Bridg
M65Leaflet: propaganda for by-pass, photo of damage t
M66The Kentish Cricketers in 1773, verses, incomplete
M67Minutes of Conference of Kent Education Committee
M69Typewritten notes on Bridge Union Workhouse, incom
M70J. Williamson: Mozart in Bridge, Parish Magazine,
M71Three by-pass related documents: Opening leaflet J
M72Flyer re possible closure of ‘The Close’, undated
M73Laminated Environment Agency flood defence repairs
M74List of attendees for evening walk of Bridge, Jun
M75Partial catalogue for Williamson Archive, now Brid
M76Bridge Neighbourhood Plan issues leaflet with resp
M77Copy of typewritten note re Bargrave epitaph in Br
M78Section from published work (Life of Sir Woodbine
M79List of Bridge village records with archive refere
M80Part section of text on ‘Trades & shops’, 1p.
M81Photograph of section of medieval house showing co
M82NHS letter re death of Dr W. G. S. Russell and tra
M83Advertising leaflet for porcelain tea service with
M84Emails from D. Millyard, D. Gilmour to MR with var
M85Six emails from L. Laurence Boyle to MR on various
M86Listing of useful websites, 2000
M87Conservative newsletter, Jul 2002
M88Booklet: ‘A Contemporary view of the Napoleonic Wa
M89Typed sheet, various notes re Bridge history, unda
M90Conservative newsletter, Winter 2002
M91List of leases for Bridge Place from Conyngham Pap
M92Notes on possible subject matter for Bridge bookle
M93Flyer: Bridge by-pass Bonanza, 3 Jul 1976 [William
M94Anti-Bridge Motel campaign flyer, undated
M95Invitation to beer at Bridge Place (Hill & William
M96Mears Contstruction Ltd leaflet including images o
M97Mears Contstruction Ltd leaflet including images o
M98Magazine article re Bridge by-pass, undated
M99Bridge by-pass Bonanza barbecue flyer and programm
M100Magazine article: ‘The Village that bent the A2’,
M101Reference list of items on quiz sheets A1 – C34, 9
M102Various typed and MS sheets relating to Bridge rec
M103Databox 2000 Inventory sheets (James Mackey, Racha
M104Village notes from Parish Magazine: Dr Beke, 1971
M105Village notes from Parish Magazine: Bridge Parish
M106Village notes from Parish Magazine: Stephen Hales,
M107Letter re Patrixbourne Priory, 1988; Section from
M108Village notes from Parish Magazine: Bridge Parish
M109Village notes from Parish Magazine: ‘Some village
M110Village notes from Parish Magazine: Sir George Gip
M111Village notes from Parish Magazine: Various, undat
M112Village notes from Parish Magazine: ‘Some village
M113Typed sheet, various notes re Bridge history, unda
M114Village notes from Parish Magazine: ‘Some village
M115Article ‘French artist’s work purchased’, re Cante
M116Typed notes on Spanton and Wills, 2pp.
M117Typed notes: ‘Village recollections’, 2pp.
M118Notes from Parish Magazine: part section re brick
M119Typed notes on the history of The Red Lion, 1999,
M120Typed notes on the history of The Plough & Harrow,
M121Typed notes on Dr Hunter and doctors in Bridge, 1p
M122Typed notes by Diana Cairns with recollections of
M123Typed notes on Old England’s Hole, 1p.
M124Typed notes on Dering Road and Howletts, 1p.
M125Typed notes on Bifrons, 1p.
M127Typed notes written by Gwen Herbert (nee Lemar) ‘H
M128Copy of M127 including photocopies of photographs
M129Typed notes by Miss Gladys M. Lemar about her conn
M130Copy of Geering & Colyer advert for The Close, Bri
M131From Parish Magazine: ‘Patrixbourne Visitors Book
M132Biography of Barry Kirk, page from exhibition cata
M133Photocopy article: ‘A match for Mozart’ by P G Elg
M134From Parish Magazine: Notes by JW on Canterbury Ra
M135From Parish Magazine: Typewritten notes on Sir Geo
M136Flyer: The Voyages of the Discovery, Ann Savours (
M137Bekesbourne historical snippet re Rev. W. Eden, by
M138Databox 2000 Inventory list; Bridge businesses in
M139Election leaflet: BW Clark, Bridge Parish by-elect
M140Election leaflet: BW Clark, Bridge Parish by-elect
M141Skippers Restaurant menu, May 14-19, no year. [Wil
M142Canterbury City Council planning notice (Village S
M143CKS archive booklet, 1998
M144Bridge Parish Council: notice objecting to Canterb
M145‘Bekesbourne Today-The Life of a Village’, Bekesbo
M146The Huguenots in Kent: Exhibition at Canterbury Li
M147The commemoration of All Souls: order of service,
M148Note from Emily Shirley to JW re Countryside Actio
M149Green leaflet advertising exhibition of proposals
M150Pink Leaflet guide to Canterbury Cathedral Library
M151Society of Cincinnati leaflet, undated
M152Publication list for Archdeacons’ visitations 1991
M153Canterbury Cathedral Archives information leaflet,
M154‘The Canterbury Connection: Artists and Musicians’
M155The Byron Society information card, undated
M156Achievements Ltd, order form for The Family Histor
M157Family History magazine subscription form, undated
M158Typed sheet concerning The Kent Genealogical Co-op
M159Bridge Parish Council flyer re Best Kept Village c
M160Canterbury City Council Conservation & Environment
M161Leaflet: Guide to Canterbury Local Studies Collect
M162Leaflet: The Kent Bibliography and Supplement, pub
M163Leaflet: Publicity for conference: the records of
M164Leaflet: The Blackfriars’ Refectory, 1984 [William
M165Booklet: Form of service for Queen Elizabeth II’s
M166Booklet: guide to Kent County Library local studie
M167Leaflet: Guide to Canterbury Cathedral library, un
M168Leaflet: Hales Place (Christopher Buckingham) [Wil
M169Notice: Kingston Parish Council/Barham Downs Actio
M170Leaflet: Kent Heritage Services [Williamson 451]
M171Publisher’s flyer: Elham Valley Way, 30 Apr 1994 [
M172Booklet: Form of service for Queen Elizabeth II’s
M173Booklet: The Church Commissioners’ Year, 1978-79
M174Canterbury city council leaflets: Guided tours; Na
M175Leaflet: The Canterbury Connection - Poets and aut
M176List of recent acquisitions, Kent County Library,
M177‘The Past in Danger’, CAT leaflet, 1976
M178Canterbury Library, Local Studies collection leafl
M179Booklet: Guide to Canterbury Cathedral Archives [W
M180Leaflet: Conservative election propaganda, D. Pent
M181Leaflet: LibDem election propaganda (J Vye) [Willi
M182Leaflet: Conservation Areas: guidance notes, Cante
M183Leaflet: Conservative Election material, 1997 [Wil
M184Leaflet: LibDem Election material, 1997 [Williamso
M185Leaflet: ‘In Touch’, Canterbury Conservative Assoc
M186Publisher’s catalogue: Francis Edwards, No. 1342,
M187Leaflet: specialist collector sales for 1993, Onsl
M188Order of Service: Marriage Robinson / Berry, St Pe
M189Order of Service: Marriage Motion / Stamp, St Pete
M190Information on sources sheets: RCHM, PRO, Kent
M191Woodlands Art Gallery, Blackheath, Exhibitions lea
M192‘Castles & Others’, landscapes by Terence Scales,
M193Leaflet: Canterbury local studies collection
M194KCC guide to the local studies library, Springfiel
M195Leaflet: Christian Heritage Trail, Dover to Canter
M196Advert flyer for porcelain plates with images of B
M197Photocopy entry on Sir George Gipps (1791-1847), A
M198Liberal Democrat newsletter with article on Martin
M199District Life Article: ‘The Beauty of Bridge’ incl
M200Cover of Kentish Ways, photograph of Bridge High S
M201List of businesses advertising in On the Nail, 196
M202List of businesses advertising in On the Nail, 196
M203Copy of typed page of notes on Mrs Gregory of Brid
M204Stour View newsletter, Historic Stour, Spring 2006
M205Page of text and pictures re Methodist chapel / Th
M206Typed notes: houses in Bridge; Dering Road; Old En
M207Results of questionnaire at Bridge Parish Council
M208Letter from English Heritage to Gorsley Wood Trust
M209Notes by Paul Tritton re Bridge fire engine with i
M210Service of thanksgiving on opening of Bridge by-pa
M211Re excavation at Star Hill: letter to editor KG fr
M212Listing of Bridge History exhibition boards
M68 Cutting: By-pass cartoons by R. E. Beinder (Albany
M126 Typed notes on Bridge schools, 2pp.

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