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H1CBS sales card including several properties in Bri
H2Sale particulars: 34 High Street Bridge, CBS, 2011
H3Sale particulars: 16 Union Road Bridge, CBS, 2011,
H4Sale particulars: Maple House, 2 George’s Meadow,
H5Sale particulars: Wayside, 18 High Street, Bridge,
H6Sale particulars: 2 Mount Charles Walk, Union Road
H7Sale particulars: 5 High Street, Bridge, CBS, Jul
H8Sale particulars: 49 Union Road, Bridge, CBS, Jul
H9Sale particulars: 2 Dering Road, Bridge, CBS, unda
H10Sale particulars: 5 Green Court, Bridge, CBS, unda
H11Sale particulars: 8 Green Court, Bridge, CBS, unda
H12Sale particulars: 40 Bridge Down, Bridge, CBS, und
H13Sale particulars: 17 Dering Road, Bridge, CBS, und
H14Sale particulars: Riverdale House, 82 High Street,
H16Sale particulars: Church Cottage, 104 High Street,
H17Sale particulars: 4 Riverside Mews, Bridge, CBS, u
H18Sale particulars: The Shippe & Primrose Cottage, H
H19Sale particulars: Jonette, Patrixbourne Road, Brid
H20Sale particulars: Lodescroft, Patrixbourne Road, B
H21Sale particulars: The Old School, Patrixbourne Roa
H22Sale particulars: Bridge Place, Bridge, Strutt & P
H23Sale particulars: 15 High Street, Bridge, Amos & D
H24Sale particulars: The Old Forge, 49 High Street, B
H25Sale particulars: 2 Sefton Villas, 7 High Street,
H26Sale particulars: 33 Union Road, Bridge, CBS, unda
H27Sale particulars: No.? Windmill Close, Bridge, Bai
H28Sale particulars: East Bridge House, Bridge Hill,
H29Sales brochure: Old Renville Farm development, Bri
H30Sales particulars: 3 New Cottages, Dering Road, Br
H31Sheet relating to Southern Housing Group building
H32Copy of deeds of ‘Beechmount’, Conyngham Lane, Bri
H33Sales particulars x2: ‘The Old Forge, Bridge High
H34Sales particulars: 63, Riverside Close, Bridge, Ba
H35Sales particulars x 2: 4, Riverside Mews, Bridge,
H36Article re (Patrixbourne?) vicarage, 1993
H37Sales listing for The Close, Bridge, May 1984
H38Advert for Priors Estate Agents, new offices in Br
H39Photo of Riverside Close, Bridge
H40Sales particulars: The Old Telephone Exchange, Bri
H41Sales particulars: ‘Waylands’, Town Hill, Bridge,
H42Sales advert: Mount Charles House, Jackson-Stops &
H43The Close development information leaflet, Geering
H44Sales particulars: The Oast, Patrixbourne, John Kn
H45Sales particulars: 10, High Street, Bridge, Angla
H46Newspaper entry for sale of The Plat, Beech Hill,
H47Newspaper clipping: Eastbridge Hotel, undated, £18
H48Sales particulars for ‘The Kingswood’ design, Rive
H49Sales particulars: 51, High Street, Bridge, CBS, c
H50Sales particulars: ‘Rowenhurst’, 10, Conyngham Lan
H51Sales particulars: ‘Trafalgar’, 4A Brewery Lane, B
H52Sales particulars: ‘Willow Brook’, 69 High Street,
H53Sales particulars: ‘Willow Brook’, 69 High Street,
H54Sales particulars: Bourne Lodge, Bridge, Strutt &
H55Sales particulars: ‘Willow Brook’, High Street, Br
H56Sales particulars: 52, High Street, Bridge, Browns
H57Sales particulars: 24, High Street, Bridge, Strutt
H58Sales particulars: ‘Sunnyside’, 2, Dering Road, Br
H59Sales particulars: 8, The Close, Union Road, Bridg
H60Sales particulars: 21, Union road, Bridge, Amos &
H61Sales particulars: 8, High Street, Bridge, GA Prop
H62Sales particulars: Penbourne House, High Street, B
H63Sales particulars: Site adjacent to 8, High Street
H64Sales particulars: Oswalds, Bishopsbourne, Strutt
H65Sales particulars: ‘Sunnyside’, 2 Dering Road, Bri
H66Sales particulars: ‘Lynton House’, High Street, Br
H67Sales particulars: 34, High Street, Bridge, Amos &
H68Sales particulars: Oswalds, Bishopsbourne, Strutt
H69Sales particulars: The Shippe and Primrose Cottage
H70CBS ‘Property Scene’ leaflet with images of Bridge
H71CBS Property Bulletin with images of for sale and
H72Sales particulars: 65, High Street, Bridge, Ward &
H73Sales particulars: ‘Saddlers’, 84, High Street, Br
H74Web sales particulars: House, Bridge Down; Bungalo
H75Web sales particulars: House, High Street, Bridge,
H76Sales particulars: 16, Conyngham Lane, Bridge, CBS
H77Draft sales particulars: 8, The Close, Union Road,
H78Draft sales particulars: 52, High Street, Bridge,
H79Magazine sales advert: Old Palace, Bekesbourne, un
H80Sales particulars: Bridgebourne House, Beech Hill,
H81Sales particulars: High Street, Bridge, 2009
H82Sales particulars: High Street, Bridge, Regal, 200
H83Cuttings from KG, 21 Jan 2016: apartment in Bridge
H84Sales particulars: 15 High Street, KG, 2016; cutti
H15 Sale particulars: 4a Brewery Lane, Bridge, FPS, 20

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