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F4/1 Letters and photographs from Susan Woodgate who l
F4/2 ‘Random jottings’ by Joan Baidsley née Baker with
F4/3 Original and photocopy photos c.1930s/40s; photoc
F4/4 Photocopy of will of Lawrence Banks of Bridge, 18
F4/5 4x photocopies of photographs and associated lett
F10/1 Index to Vols I-XVIII, pp. 40-41 (Brasted-Brigge)
F10/2 Bargrave and Wombwell entries from Visitation of
F10/3 Miscellanea entry re Saxon cemetery and finds in
F10/4 Holders of fees in Kent 1234 including Hundred of
F10/5 Agnes Ethel Conway, ‘The Maidstone sector of Buck
F10/6 Edward G. Box, ‘Lambarde’s “Carde of this shyre”
F10/7 Geo. P. Walker, ‘Old Roads in East Kent and Thane
F10/8 Second copy of no. 7.
F10/9 Walter H. Godfrey, ‘Bourne Park, Near Canterbury’
F10/10 N. E. Toke, ‘The Swiss stained windows in the chu
F10/11 Section from ‘Some early Kentish wills’, XLVI (19
F10/12 Section from ‘Field-notes in the Canterbury Distr
F10/13 Cecil A. V. Bowra, ‘Old Kentish Recipes’, XLVI (1
F10/14 C. R. Councer, ‘The Dissolution of the Kentish Mo
F10/15 Miscellaneous Notes: ‘Two hitherto unknown views
F10/16 Gevile M. Livett, ‘Early Kent Maps (Sixteenth Cen
F10/17 Section from ‘The register and chartulary of the
F10/18 Miscellaneous Notes: ‘Field notes in East Kent’,
F10/19 H. Stanford London, ‘John Philipot, M.P., Somerse
F10/20 P. H. Reaney, ‘A survey of Kent place-names’, LXX
F10/21 P. H. Reaney, ‘Place-names and early settlement i
F10/22 F. R. H. Du Boulay, ‘Denns, droving and danger’,
F10/23 E. W. Parkin, ‘The vanishing houses of Kent. 4: B
F10/24 Roger J. P. Kain, ‘The tithe commutation surveys’
F10/25 D. W. Rollason, ‘The date of the parish-boundary
F10/26 J. S. Kepler, ‘Entrepôt policy versus projects fo
F10/27 C. L. Sinclair Williams, ‘The codification of the
F10/28 Terence Paul Smith, ‘The geographical pattern of
F10/29 Barbara A. E. Yorke, ‘Joint kingship in Kent c. 5
F10/30 Nigel Yates, ‘The major Kentish towns in the reli
F10/31 B. Keith-Lucas, ‘Kentish turnpikes’, C (1984)
F10/32 F. H. Panton, ‘Turnpike roads in the Canterbury a
F10/33 Nigel Yates, ‘The condition of Kentish churches b
F10/34 Section from: Jacqueline Bower, ‘Probate Accounts
F10/35 K. P. Witney, ‘Kentish land measurements of the t
F10/36 Section from: D. R. J. Perkins, ‘Archaeological e
F10/37 Section from: Jacqueline Bower, ‘The Kent Yeoman
F10/38 Section from: W. A. Armstrong, ‘The population of
F10/39 Section from: Researches and Discoveries, Kent wa
F10/40 Tim Tatton-Brown, ‘The evolution of ‘Watling Stre
F10/41 Section from: Elizabeth Edwards, ‘Immigrant popul
F10/42 Mary Berg, ‘Patrixbourne church: Medieval patrona
F11/1 School: list of teachers, notes about teachers
F11/2 Gas: Transcripts of letters re Gas, Coke and Coal
F11/3 Bifrons: Notes on occupants
F11/4 Lady Conyngham: Letter from Public Services secti
F11/5 Vic O’Connell: Letter from, with memories of Brid
F11/6 Listing of notable houses with details of occupan
F11/7 Methodist Chapel: Notes as presented at 1994 exhi
F11/8 Bridge (General): Geography, short history; Copy
F11/9 Pevsner: Copy of sections on Bridge and Patrixbou
F11/10 High Street list of buildings: number, name, date
F11/11 Listed buildings in Bridge: Note of, by street lo
F11/12 Notes on ‘Old England’s Hole’
F11/13 Extract from Igglesden’s A Saunter through Kent,
F11/14 Kentish Traveller’s Companion, 1794: copy of sect
F11/15 Mrs J. Friend: Notes and memories about Bridge wr
F11/16 Schellinks: 4 copies of Schellinks’ sketch drawin
F11/17 Plough and Harrow: one page of notes
F11/18 Fagg’s farm: laminated copy of photo of farm; Par
F11/19 Bridge Place: one page of notes
F11/20 Braems: four pages of referenced notes
F11/21 Ghosts: ghostly anecdotes
F11/22 Red Lion: one page of notes
F11/23 Jack Friend: one page of notes
F11/24 Nailbourne: three pages of referenced notes
F11/25 Garage: one page of notes
F11/26 Price recollections: three laminated copies of ph
F11/27 Spanton & Wills: two pages of notes
F11/28 Dr Hunter: notes with census records of ‘Bridge D
F11/29 Dering Road: one page of notes
F11/30 Union workhouse: Miss J. A. Nunn, ‘The Establishm
F11/31 Lemar / Union: Memories of Miss Gladys M. Lemar,
F11/32 Windmill: laminated copy of photographs of Bridge
F11/33 Mill House: one page of notes written by Gwen Her
F11/34 Fire Brigade: laminated copy of photograph of Bri
F18/1 Four copies of Sunday Times magazine with article
F18/2 Copy of Deed of Gift of Soot House Meadow from Ma
F18/3 Copy of aerial photograph of Bridge and Patrixbou
F18/4 Copy of aerial photograph of Bridge, (1970?); cop
F18/5 Twelve card mounts each with an image of a house
F18/6 Original copy of KG pull-out supplement relating
F18/7 Original page from KG, ‘Minister approves City pl
F18/8 [Fragile] Original copy of KG, presumed kept for
F18/9 Original copy of KG section re Canterbury develop
F18/10 Original copy of KG section re Canterbury develop
F18/11 Original copy of KG section re Canterbury develop
F18/12 Original copy of KG section re Canterbury develop
F18/13 Original copy of KG section re Canterbury develop
F18/14 Original copy of KG section re Canterbury develop
F18/15 Original copy of KG section re Canterbury develop
F18/16 Original copy of KG section re Canterbury develop
F18/17 Copy of Country Life article re Bourne Park, 6 Ma
F18/18Schedule of Title Deeds of Mr Beckingham
F18/19 Photographs of the list of patrons and vicars (10
F18/20 [Very fragile] Original copy of KG feature sectio
F18/21 2x close-up aerial photograph of Bridge Down area
F18/22 Close-up aerial photograph of Western Avenue / Un
F19/1 Copy of section from Andrews, Drury and Herbert m
F19/2 Five photocopy sheets, together covering map of E
F19/3 Typewritten transcript of sections from Kent Quar
F19/4 Newspaper entry and plan re order for stopping up
F19/5 Copies of tithe map sections, 1838/41, 9pp.
F19/6 Plan of property on Bridge Street [?], 1866, 2pp.
F19/7 Map of Bridge and surrounding area, sheet 47(W),
F19/8 Map of Bridge and surrounding area, sheet 47.9(W)
F19/9 Maps of Patrixbourne parish, Bishopsbourne parish
F19/10 Overview sheet of Bridge parish map sections; Bri
F19/11 Map of Bridge and Patrixbourne parishes, 1898, 1p
F19/12 Bridge parish 3rd ed. maps, 47.13(W), 1907, 6pp.;
F19/13 Map of Bridge and Patrixbourne parishes, (1947/18
F19/14 OS map Bridge and Patrixbourne parishes, post-197
F19/15 NMR aerial photograph Field House, Bridge Road ar
F19/16 NMR aerial photograph of Bridge Hill/Star Hill/Br
F19/17 Small copy of aerial photograph, Apr 1946; large
F19/18 3 photocopies of large copy sections of No. 17
F19/19 Colour photocopy of small colour photograph from
F19/20 Channel Photography colour photograph of Western
F19/21 Sections of aerial photographs, x2 Bridge Place,
F19/22 Copy of aerial photograph of Bridge showing newly
F19/23 Colour print of 1705-10 painting of Bifrons Park;
F19/24 Eight copies of [KG?] articles relevant to Bridge
F19/25 Copies of photographs of Riverside Temperance Hot
F19/26 ‘A Pictorial History of Bridge’: Facsimile of pho
F40/a Bourne Park Geophysical Survey conducted in 2012,
F40/b Draft report on archaeological dig by KAFS at Sta
F41/1 Stapleton 1838; Pigot 1839, 1840
F41/2 Bagshaw 1847; Post Office Directory of the six Ho
F41/3 Bedwell 1888/9; Kelly 1890
F41/4 Blue Book 1893/4; Blue Book 1894/5
F41/5 Blue Book 1897/8; Kelly 1899
F41/6 Kelly 1899-1900; Kelly 1902/3
F41/7 Kelly 1903; Blue Book 1904/5
F41/8 Kelly 1905/6; Kelly 1907
F41/9 Blue Book 1911/12; Kelly 1913
F41/10 Kelly 1915; Blue Book 1915/1916
F41/11 Kelly 1918; Blue Book 1919/20
F41/12 Blue Book 1920/21; Blue Book 1921
F41/13 Blue Book 1922; Blue Book 1923
F41/14 Kelly 1924; Blue Book 1924
F41/15 Kelly 1925; Typed copy unnamed 1925
F41/16 Blue Book 1927; Kelly 1928
F41/17 Blue Book 1929; Kelly 1930
F41/18 Kelly 1930 (different format); Blue Book 1930/31
F41/19 Blue Book 1930/31; Blue Book 1931/32
F41/20 Kelly 1933; Kelly 1934
F41/21 Kelly 1934; Kelly 1934
F41/22 Blue Book 1935; Blue Book 1936
F41/23 Blue Book 1937; Blue Book 1938
F41/24 Kelly 1938; Blue Book 1939
F41/25 Kelly 1939; Kelly 1940
F41/26 Kelly 1940; Kelly 1949
F41/27 Kelly 1952; Kelly 1955
F42/1 MS notes, sequence of chemists of Bridge
F42/2 Analysis of A. R. Clarke’s pharmacy ledger
F42/3 Occupants of Albert Terrace
F42/4 Land ownership (Kim Davies)
F42/5 Memorial Inscriptions of St Peter’s Churchyard (c
F42/6 Memorial inscriptions (Patrixbourne/Bishopsbourne
F42/7 Bridge property occupation, 1894/5, 1903, 1904/5
F42/8 Bridge burial register by age
F42/9 Bridge burial register by date
F42/10 Bridge burial register by date (another copy)

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