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PW1David Gilmour, ‘Bekesbourne and the King’s Esnecca
PW2T. G. Godfrey-Faussett, ‘The Saxon Cemetery at Bif
PW3T. Godfrey-Faussett, Section from ‘Miscellanea’, f
PW4Geo. P. Walker, ‘Old roads in East Kent and Thanet
PW5Maggs Catalogue entry re letter of Ernest Augustus
PW6Section from Thornton Hall, ‘Love affairs of the C
PW7P. G. Elgar, ‘Paupers in the Village: The Early Ye
PW8E. W. Parkin, ‘The Vanishing Houses of Kent: Bridg
PW9John Viner, ‘The Flying Flea in Kent’, Bygone Kent
PW10Copy of introduction notes on Nicholas Battely fro
PW11‘Inquisitiones Post Mortem’, Arch. Cant., II (1859
PW12Richard Morris, ‘The Dialect of Kent in the Fourte
PW13Entry re Conyngham family, no source unknown
PW14Templeman Library (UKC) catalogue entries, include
PW15Rev. J. Cave-Browne, ‘Shurland House’, Arch. Cant.
PW16Entry relating to ‘Bregge’ from ‘Kent Fines, 6 Edw
PW17Section re ‘Shelving’ family name, from ‘Early Ken
PW18P. G. Elgar, ‘Canterbury Races: The Life and Times
PW21Section from ‘Assessments in Kent to the Black Pri
PW22Extracts from Rev. Francis T. Vine, Caesar in Kent
PW23Section re bust of Joseph Conrad by Epstein from ‘
PW24Section from ‘Some Early Visitation Rolls preserve
PW25Section from ‘Proceedings, 1914’, Arch. Cant., XXX
PW26Section from ‘Extracts from Original Documents ill
PW27Section from ‘The Valley of Holmesdale’, Arch. Can
PW28Henry Hannen, ‘An account of a map of Kent dated 1
PW29Rev. G. M. Livett, ‘Architectural notes on Patrixb
PW30Rev. Francis Thomas Vine, ‘On Three Tumuli in Gors
PW31A. Rhodes, ‘Suspected Persons in Kent’, Arch. Cant
PW32John E. C. Viner, ‘First War Landing Grounds of th
PW33Michael David Mirams, ‘Two Remarkable Norman Churc
PW34Ian Taylor, ‘The Bourne Estate, Bishopsbourne: An
PW35‘Thomas Cranmer’, no source
PW36Extract re Canterbury, no source
PW37Photocopy of p. 85 of unknown publication: illustr
PW38Section re Bridge: ‘Route from Dover to Canterbury
PW39J. K. Wallenberg, ‘The Place-names of Kent’ (1934)
PW40Part of a book review relating to a book about Jos
PW41Entry re William Nash, clockmaker of Bridge from K
PW42Photocopy title page: T. C. Noble, ‘The Names of t
PW43Photocopy extract: Allgemeines Lexikon der bildend
PW44Booklet: F. W. Jessup, ‘The History of Kent, a sel
PW45Photocopy section: J. Whyman & M. Rooke, Essays in
PW46Published article on William Grant Broughton, no s
PW47DNB(?) entry for William Grant Broughton
PW48Rev. G. M. Livett, ‘Architectural Notes on Patrixb
PW49The Elham Valley Line, Bridge & Bishopsbourne, als
PW50Photocopy: Introduction by W. Urry to reprint of W
PW51Photocopy: Keith Carabine, ‘Conrad and Canterbury’
PW52Section from Igglesden, A Saunter through Kent: Br
PW53Section from Igglesden, A Saunter through Kent: Pa
PW54Ghost Houses by Mark Pearson, section on Bifrons o
PW55The Kentish Traveller’s Companion, 1794, p.332-337
PW56A Check List of Jocelyn Brooke: His writings toget
PW57Conyngham entry in Peerage and Baronetage, p.502-3
PW58O. S. Anderson, The English Hundred-Names, p. 158-
PW59E. Ekwall, English River-Names, 1928, pp. 44-45, 3
PW60Booklet: The Swagger Portrait, Tate Gallery exhibi
PW61Photocopy entry on C. T. Beke of Bekesbourne (1800
PW62Photocopy of statistics of Elham Valley Line for 1
PW63Igglesden, A Saunter through Kent, Bridge section
PW64Igglesden, A Saunter through Kent, Bekesbourne sec
PW65Igglesden, A Saunter through Kent, Patrixbourne se
PW66Victoria County History, Vol. 1, pp. 342-345, Angl
PW67Entry re Mozart, no source, 1p.
PW68Margaret Roake, ed., ‘Religious Worship in Kent: T
PW69Churchill, Griffin, Hardman, Jessup, ‘Calendar of
PW70Photocopy : P. G. Elgar, ‘The Braems of Bridge Pla
PW71Photocopy of The Kentish Traveller’s Companion tit

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