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L1Aerial photo of Bridge village, in cardboard tube,
L24 rolled laminated posters advertising Golden Jubi
L3Plough & Harrow Millennium Calendar (Chris Maclean
L4Paper bag: 44 A3 cards of ‘local people’ plus BDHS
L5Plastic bag: 15 A2 boards, each with 2 photos, fro
L7Box of index cards for each exhibition board, with
L8Millennium Festival T-shirt
L9Four 19th-century ceramic ink wells found in villa
L10Exhibition Boards, 1995
L11Large Folder of miscellaneous schoolchildren’s wor
L12Plastic bag: Large folder of material re by-pass
L13Large Board: Kent Highways road resurfacing
L14Parish Plan
L14/aThe Natural Environment (2)
L14/bThe Street Scene; Trees and Landscaping
L14/cTraffic Issues (2)
L14/dCommunity Facilities: Allotments; General
L14/eCommunity Facilities: Recreation Ground (2)
L14/fThe Built Environment: Commercial; Services
L14/gThe Built Environment: General; Headings
L14/hThe Built Environment: Commercial; Services; What
L14/iBlank sheets (2)
L6 Microfilm reader

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