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MS1Listing of Arch. Cant. articles relevant to local
MS2List of archive references on Conyngham, 1p.
MS3List of wives of Marquesses of Conyngham; notes of
MS4List of occupants/owners of ‘The Ship’ in Bridge H
MS5Letter (2007) re WI photograph (1937), 1p.
MS6Various notes – extracts from 1850 newspaper
MS7Letter from Daphne Argent re William Nash longcase
MS8Notes re various photographs 1p.
MS9Card re Wiltshire/Conyngham connection, 2001, 1p.
MS10Notes re cricketers and cricket matches in Bridge/
MS11Notes re book ‘Dutchman’s travels in England’, fro
MS12Note re Edone, Dean of Bridge (1220s?), 1p.
MS13Note of book: Snell, The intermittent or Nailbourn
MS14Note of 1881 census entries for several houses in
MS15Notes on Bridge from Seymour, Survey of Kent, 1776
MS16Typewritten letter from Valerie Arrindell regardin
MS18Photocopy of MS list of DofE list of buildings of
MS19Thank you letter from Canon Colin Perry re gift of
MS20Notes on Lucie Urwin wife of former superintendent
MS21Notes on Bridge Place, 1p.
MS22Note re alteration of parish boundary in 1986/7, 1
MS23Notes on the Nailbourne, 1p.; Notes of Indenture r
MS24‘Potted history’ of the Methodist chapel, 2pp.; Fu
MS25Note of report of cricket match at Bourne 1788, 1p
MS26Notes re closure and history of the village bakery
MS27Letter and notes on Bridgeford House, 3pp.
MS28Photocopy of notes on George Gipps, Cantuarian, 19
MS29Various notes about Bridge from conversation with
MS30Notes on Hall Place, Harbledown, 1p.; Notes on Bri
MS31Archive references for documents relating to villa
MS32Small note about various people known to Joseph Co
MS3317th-century village payments towards fires in oth
MS34List of 66 items – notes for talk, 4pp.
MS35Notes from Alan Everitt, ‘Evolution of Kentish set
MS36Various handwritten notes on Bridge statistics (la
MS37Handwritten notes on Hughes Hallet family of Higha
MS38Sheet headed ‘Index’, possibly to early collection
MS39Sheet headed ‘Notes on Bridge Railway History’, 1p
MS40Notes on Mrs Gregory (1788-1867) who restored Brid
MS41List (by JW) of Doctors resident in Bridge, undate
MS42Invitation cards to Canterbury Rotary Club (4 Dec
MS43A5 ParkerSteel letterhead: notes by JW – Canterbur
MS44Card: various notes by JW, 1p. [Willliamson 312]
MS453x A5 ParkerSteel letterheads with notes by JW, 3p
MS46A5 letterhead ParkerSteel, notes by JW (Midsummer
MS47Sheet with notes on parochial matters, 1p. [Willia
MS48Cyclostyle copy: description of Bridge church, 4 f
MS49Notes (original pp.2-3 of MS48), description of Br
MS50Note on Sir William Hardres & Baron Montesquieu, e
MS51Notes headed ‘Mrs Gregory’ (1788?-1867) of Bridge
MS52(Draft?) letter to A. Shirley from JW requesting i
MS53Copy of notes on Sicard, 2pp.
MS54Notes on the Nailbourne, 1p. [Williamson 415]
MS55Notes on Bifrons and the Brook-Taylors, Jun 1971,
MS56Notes by A. Shirley, re Anglo-Saxon cemetery, 1p.
MS57Notes on Kent & Canterbury Hospital ward, 1p. [Wil
MS58Notes on Dering Road, 1p. [Williamson 531]
MS59Notes by JW, list of names from Bagshaw’s Director
MS60Various notes by JW: Bekesbourne/Patrixbourne/King
MS61Notes on Bridge, facts from Dr Urry (story of Whit
MS62Note to JW from A. Shirley re Pepys, 6 Mar 1971, 1
MS63Notes on Montesquieu, extract from R. Barber: Guid
MS64Notes on figures in Bridge church by Arthur Mee, 1
MS65Notes: by A. Shirley, Patrixbourne epitaph for Mar
MS66Notes on Braemes family, 1p.
MS67Copies of entries in Bekesbourne registers for Ede
MS68Notes on Bridge church for booklet, 1984, 1p.
MS69Notes on (?), possibly part of something else, 1p.
MS70Copy of letter re Schellinks’ drawings, 2pp.; Note
MS71List of repairs to Patrixbourne church 1855 onward
MS72Notes on Elham Valley Railway, 1p.
MS73Notes, timeline for (?), 1p.
MS74Notes re Patrixbourne entries (in trades directori
MS75Photocopy of notes on Stephen Hales (1677-1761) of
MS76Letter to Mr Torr, 1961, 1p; Letter from Mr V. J.
MS77Letter to Mr Torr, 1961, 1p; Letter from Mr Torr w
MS78Letter from Mr Torr, ‘Little Stour Records’, 1961,
MS79Letter from Mr Torr, ‘Little Stour Records’, 1961,
MS80Notes on Bridge parish registers, 1p. See also MS8
MS81Notes on Bridge parish registers, 1p. See also MS8
MS82Notes (re Conynghams?), 2pp.
MS83Notes on Joseph Conrad, 1p.
MS84Notes on Lilian Friend, 7pp.
MS85Notes and family tree of Bargrave family, 1p.
MS86Notes for talk on Kent, 1p.
MS87Notes on Barham Downs, 1p.
MS88Notes on local country houses, 1p.
MS89Notes on Bargrave family, 2pp.; Letter re Bargrave
MS90List of names, 1p.
MS91Notes (on Bifrons?), 1p.
MS92Notes on Bridge station and the Manns, 1p.
MS93List of archaeological finds with references, 2pp.
MS94Notes from archive documents relevant to Bridge Wi
MS95Notes from archive documents relating to land area
MS96Copy of list of residents in Kelly’s directory, Br
MS97Notes from newspaper of 1823, 1p.
MS98Letter re Mrs Gregory (Bridge Hill House), extract
MS9918th and 19th century Poll Book extracts, 8pp.
MS100List of buildings of special architectural or hist
MS101Transcript from KG 25 Jan 1793, Bishopsbourne inha
MS102Notes from Patrixbourne Churchwardens’ accounts, 1
MS103Various comments on exhibition boards(?)
MS104Notes from Canterbury directories, 3pp.
MS105Notes on St Meinrad (797AD)
MS106Notes on Compton Census with figures for Bekesbour
MS107Notes on Bridge Place, White Horse and Little Brid
MS108Notes on occupants of a range of properties in Bri

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