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PE1Set of information cards on William Rose
PE2Notes on William Rose; newspaper cutting obituary
PE3Photocopy of newspaper obituary for Mr John Friend
PE4Notes on Mr Charles Wills of Albany Terrace, Bridg
PE5Obituary for Norman Fowler from the Veterinary Rec
PE62 copies of pedigree of the late 19th century Hard
PE7MS note re birth of Elsie Luckhurst, born 1926
PE8MS note re death of Daisy Wood, 1964 with death re
PE9Email re William Nash, clockmaker, and John Thomps
PE10Letter from T. J. Sugrue of Gloucestershire enclos
PE11Letter from Daphne Argent of Rochester re William
PE12Email re the Long family [Not relevant to Bridge]
PE13Letter from Diana Cairns, daughter of Dr Hunter wi
PE14Email re Charles Henry Pierce, lived at 10 Union R
PE15Temperance Society certificate for Ella Skinner, 1
PE16Six memorial service cards: Laurence Shirley, 2003
PE19Obituary for Ernest Down, On the Nail
PE20Article re appointment of new head teacher for Bri
PE21Obituary for Wilfred Mowll, On the Nail
PE23Re Alexander Clark of the pharmacy, Bridge: empty
PE24Letter to Alexander Clark re a post at Clarke & So
PE25Personal tribute to Joan Ashworth, d.2003
PE26Memorial service sheets x2, Laurence Shirley, 2003
PE27List of subscribers to retirement of Dr Hunter and
PE28Letters to and from Daphne Argent relating to Pete
PE29Photocopied selection of pencil sketches by Jessie
PE30Cutting: retirement of Cyril Prickett, 67 years in
PE31Advert for Anne Rooke, children’s story-telling, n
PE32‘Meet the Family’ introduction to Rev. Raymond Gil
PE33Typed article re the Eden family, no source, undat
PE34Printed article re Thomas Cranmer, no source, unda
PE35Photocopy cutting: ‘Auction coup for museum’, purc
PE36Cutting: Obituary Jack Carpenter of Patrixbourne;
PE37Cutting: Photocopy entry for Joseph Sabine (1662-1
PE38Photocopy extract from A. Wilson: Dictionary of Br
PE39Printout: Crosoer family tree [Williamson 529]
PE40Memorial service sheet for Kathleen Pierce (1926-2
PE41Memorial service sheet for Charles Addison Potter
PE42Memorial service sheet for Roger Bennett Hunter (1
PE43Memorial service sheet for Walter Kennedy Whigham
PE44Memorial service sheet for William Carr (1927-1996
PE45Memorial service sheet for Lucy Mary Jackling (195
PE46Memorial service sheet for John James Williamson (
PE47Memorial service sheet for William Carr of 18 High
PE48Obituary of Ernest James Ovenden of Bridge, Parish
PE49Obituary of Joan Carpenter of Patrixbourne, Parish
PE50‘The Vinten Family and its associations with Bridg
PE51Typed notes on the Eden Family, 3pp.
PE52Obituary of Charles Addison Potter, 2pp.
PE53Memorial service sheet for Bill Dawson (1940-2001)
PE54Memorial service sheet for Janet David (1939-1993)
PE55Memorial service sheet for John Anderson (1927-201

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