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RT1Partial copy of original cataloguing of Williamson
RT2Copy of: Lionel Sole, ‘Memories of an Octogenarian
RT4Copies of text and leaflet by MR, ‘Bridge: A Villa
RT5Collection of river / water references for local v
RT6‘A Tour around Bridge’
RT7‘Bridge in Kent: Some Notes on the Place and the P
RT8‘Bridge Fire Brigade’, 2000
RT9‘A short history of Bridge Windmill: 1596-1954’
RT10Xerox copy pp. 111-118 of ‘Bridge as portrayed in
RT11‘Village Vets’
RT12‘The Vinten Family and Bridge’
RT13‘Bridge Village’
RT14DoE list of Buildings of Special Architectural or
RT15Extract from ‘The Dover Road’ by Charles G. Harper
RT16Village Notes on Dr Beke
RT17Email from David Waymouth re ‘The Taylors of Patri
RT18FCAT report on ‘hexagonal features’ on Star Hill,
RT19‘Patrixbourne cum Bridge’ by Mrs Jack Friend, 1955
RT20Article on the Eden family
RT21‘The Brickworks, Bridge, Kent’
RT22‘A Short History of Bridge Windmill: 1596-1954’; I
RT23‘Bridge: The first 2000 years’
RT24RCHME report for Bridge
RT26Miss A. J. Nunn, ‘IX: The Establishment and early
RT27‘The Close Bridge and the Poor Law and Unions’, B.
RT28‘Bridge Village Hall and the early history of Meth
RT29Items on ‘Bridge Doctors’: ‘Roger Bennett Hunter,
RT30‘Bridge Fire Brigade’, 2pp.
RT31‘History of Charlton Park: The House; The Land; Th
RT32‘The fortunes of Bridge post office’, 3pp.
RT33‘Village of Bridge’, Historical Tour revised, CD 8
RT34Text and thumbnail slide images, talk by Dr Paul W
RT35MS notes for talk about Bridge
RT36Text of ‘A Tour around Bridge’, 63 sections, 28pp.
RT37Three laminated sheets, ‘Bridge Village Hall and t
RT38Typed page re the Red Lion, Jan 1999; typed page r
RT25 Lionel Sole memories: pictures (see RT2)

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