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CH1Guide to St Peter’s Church Bridge, J. Williamson [
CH2Photo of repair of lightning damage to Bridge Chur
CH3St Peter’s Church Bridge, J. Williamson, undated,
CH4St Peter’s Church Bridge, J. Williamson, undated,
CH5St Peter’s Church Bridge, J. Williamson, undated,
CH6St Peter’s Church Bridge Visitor’s Guide, 2000
CH7St Peter’s Church Bridge, J. Williamson, undated,
CH10Cyclostyle copy: typed description of Bridge churc
CH11Photocopy of map of graves in Bridge Churchyard: T
CH12As CH11
CH13List of the memorial inscriptions of St Peter’s Ch
CH14As CH13
CH15New graveyard inscriptions St Peter's, Bridge
CH16New graveyard inscriptions St Peter's, Bridge
CH17Photocopy: notice of closure of St Peter’s Churchy
CH18Cyclostyled notice: Antiquarian Horological Societ
CH19Cyclostyled copy: notes on Bridge Church (x3), as
CH20Photocopy of two pages from CH13 [Williamson 525]
CH21Typed notes re Bridge Church, 1p.; early draft of
CH22MS notes re Bridge Church (no source but could be
CH23Printed leaflet about St Peter’s Church, Bridge, n
CH24Photocopy John Williamson’s Guide to St Peter’s Ch
CH25MS notes re Bridge Church, 1984, 2 pp.
CH26Typed notes re Bridge Church (x2), as CH 10, 1p.
CH27Copy of sketch image of St Peter’s Church Bridge c
CH28Photocopy of entry for Bridge from Igglesden’s Sau
CH29Card: Drawing of St Peter’s Bridge plus note by MR
CH30Typed copy of records held at Canterbury Family Hi
CH31Photocopy of memorials of Patrixbourne Church from
CH32MS notes re St Peter’s church, Bridge, 2pp.
CH33St Mary’s church, Patrixbourne, visitor’s guide bo
CH34St Mary’s church, Bishopsbourne, visitor’s guide b
CH35St Peter’s church, Bekesbourne, Son-et-Lumiere pro
CH36Order of Service for licensing and installation of
CH37MS notes (3pp.), typed notes (4pp.) including tran
CH38Typed notes: ‘Bridge Village Hall and the early hi
CH39Further copy of CH38
CH40Notes on the spire, belfry, clock and font in St P
CH41Offprint: Mary Berg, ‘Patrixbourne Church: Medieva
CH42Photographs of the first recent wedding and christ
CH43Copy of original expenses laid out to build Method
CH44Two copies visitor guide booklet for St Peter’s ch
CH45St Peter’s church, Bridge, Parish gift day leaflet
CH46Copy of MS Terrier, Bridge & Patrixbourne (plate,
CH47Extract from Cozens, History of Kent: Patrixbourne
CH48List of vicars of Bekesbourne (also called Livings
CH49Cutting: farewell letter from Canon Colin Perry, P
CH50Notes of monumental inscriptions of Bridge church
CH51Copy of St Peter’s church, Bridge booklet by John
CH52Letter from Friends of St Peter’s, Bridge to Bridg
CH53St Mary, Patrixbourne and St Peter, Bridge, Stewar
CH54Transcript of the ‘Methodist Chapel’ board from th
CH55‘Geology in the Churchyard’ leaflet, The Geologist
CH56H. Knight, ‘Guide and historical notes to the Pari
CH57R.B. Pyper, ‘The story of Bekesbourne Church’, und
CH58Booklet: ‘The Church in the Garden: St Peter’s Bek
CH59‘Elham St Mary, a guide to the church’, Trevor Pit
CH60Photocopy of ‘St Mary’s Patrixbourne’ booklet, pre
CH61‘St Mary’s Patrixbourne’ booklet, prepared in memo
CH62‘St Mary’s Patrixbourne’ booklet, prepared in memo
CH63Transcript and photocopy of original Terrier for B
CH64Order of service for the Licensing and Installatio
CH65Patrixbourne Memorial Service for men fallen in th
CH66Service leaflet: Centenary of Bridge Chapel, 24 Ma
CH67Leaflet: Christian Stewardship, St Peter’s, Bridge
CH68Parish Magazine: Installation of Rev. Gilbert by A
CH69Order of service: Christian Unity, St Peter’s, Bri
CH70Appeal for funds St Mary's church 1937
CH71St Peter’s, Bridge & St Mary’s, Patrixbourne, Chri
CH72‘Welcome to the Parish Church of Saint John the Ba
CH73‘St Mary’s Patrixbourne’ booklet, prepared in memo
CH74List of grant-making bodies for Canterbury Diocese
CH75Guide to St Mary’s, Patrixbourne, annotated photoc
CH76Typed article: ‘The Swiss enamel glass windows in
CH77Licensing and Installation of Rev. Paul Filmer, St
CH78Memorial service sheet for men of Bridge fallen in
CH8 St Peter’s Church Bridge, J. Williamson, undated,
CH9 St Peter’s Church Bridge, J. Williamson, undated,

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