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52 Items found in category "LLB"
LLB0Printed catalogue listing of this section as compi
LLB1/AA5 loose-leafed typescript of an unfinished book b
LLB1/BUSB stick containing the latest version of the boo
LLB1/BA5 copy of Collection 53 as at LLB5/A, has incompl
LLB2A single sheet of shelf marks from the Bodleian li
LLB3Two title pages from an A4 document ‘Bridge and Pa
LLB4A4 loose-leaved copy of the catalogue of the Conyn
LLB5/ANational Library of Ireland Collection List No. 53
LLB6A set of loose-leaved pages giving the Cumberbatch
LLB7‘Elizabeth Conyngham’ a comb-bound copy of A4 pape
LLB8A single sheet of typewritten notes perhaps by B.
LLB9Single A4 page about Sumner and Earl Mountcharles,
LLB10/AA set of printed papers with reference to the Cony
LLB10/BA set of printed papers with reference to the Cony
LLB10/CA set of printed papers with reference to the Cony
LLB11Typewritten article: D.M. Joslin, ‘London Private
LLB12A CD of reference material probably with some dupl
LLB13A collection of mainly Conyngham material - a lot
LLB14‘Bekesbourne and the Second World War’ by David Mi
LLB15A4 photocopy of ‘The Travel Diary of Robert Bargra
LLB16Photocopy of article: Michael G. Brennan, ‘John Ba
LLB17/AReference papers for the Bargrave (Bargar) family;
LLB17/BBooklet, ‘The Gentle Traveller’
LLB17/CUnder the sign by Stephen Bann
LLB18‘Westenhanger Castle: a pocket guide’
LLB19Reference papers relating to Sir William Temple
LLB20Reference papers relating to Sir Thomas Peyton and
LLB21Typewritten reference papers relating to the Conyn
LLB22Typewritten reference papers relating to the Raper
LLB23Typewritten paper by Miranda Carter, ‘Anthony Blun
LLB24Ring binder / typewritten reference papers relatin
LLB25Folder of papers relating to the Virginia expediti
LLB26Ring binder / papers relating to the Virginia Comp
LLB27Ring binder / papers relating to the Byron family
LLB28Ring binder / papers relating to owners of Bifrons
LLB29Ring binder / papers in respect of Patrixbourne in
LLB30Ring binder / papers relating to the Conyngham set
LLB31Ring binder / papers relating to the tenancy of Mr
LLB32Miscellany of handwritten notes on various matters
LLB33Ring binder / Various papers: George IV and the Co
LLB34Booklet: ‘Canterbury Cathedral Chronicle’, Oct 194
LLB35Various information leaflets on how to go about re
LLB36Book: R. J. Smith, The Uniforms of the British Yeo
LLB37Ring binder / papers mostly on the Cumberbatch fam
LLB38Mostly handwritten notes on a variety of matters;
LLB39A4 publication ‘Canterbury’s Archaeology 1990’ pub
LLB40Ring binder / papers mainly on the Taylor family;
LLB41/ASome pages from ‘Travels in France and Italy durin
LLB41/BArticle: ‘On the road again with Arthur Young’, Jo
LLB42Documents relating to the sale of the outer parts
LLB43The Genealogist’s Guide by George Marshall, 1903
LLB44Mainly handwritten notes culled from the newspaper

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