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MP1Photocopy map of Bridge, composite of 2 sheets, 18
MP2Hand traced plan of Bridge parish and photocopy of
MP31 ‘put together’ map with sections to form parish
MP42 page sheet re BDHS Beating the Bounds 24 Jun 200
MP5Colour photocopy of ‘Places of Bridge’ map
MP6A3 copy of part of CAT ‘Medieval Canterbury’ map (
MP72½ inch OS map Canterbury, sheet TR15, 161, 1961/3
MP8Photocopy 1873 map Bridge High Street, 2 sheets en
MP9Photocopy OS 1872 map, Bridge section
MP10Photocopy OS 1801 map, Bridge section
MP11Photocopy Andrews, Drury & Herbert map, 1769, Brid
MP12Colour and b/w copies of map of Bridge from Hasted
MP13Two colour copies Bridge Parish, 1838, marked with
MP14Two photocopies and one hand-drawn map of Filmer R
MP15Photocopy map of part of Bridge High Street/to Bri
MP16Photocopy map Bridge High Street (x4)
MP173 photocopy sheets with map sections of Canterbury
MP18Maps of Bridge: Copy Symonson’s map 1596; Copy Ogi
MP19Copy of ground plan of Bridge Place with extant se
MP202 b/w copies of map from Vine’s Caesar in Kent, 2n
MP21Colour copy of map from Vine’s Caesar in Kent, 2nd
MP22Six colour sheet prints of Bridge 1838 tithe map
MP2315 colour copy sheets of Bridge 1838 tithe map wit
MP24Bridge tithe apportionment 1838, alphabetical list
MP25Bridge tithe apportionment 1838, plot number listi
MP26Bridge tithe apportionment 1838, plot number listi
MP27Bridge tithe apportionment, handwritten listing by
MP28Bekesbourne tithe commutation transcript and appor
MP29Copy of map and notes for Brickfields village gree
MP30Original map from Brickfields village green applic
MP31Photocopy of Margate to Canterbury route map from
MP32Copy architect’s plan of alterations to the Plough
MP33Photocopy map extract of Patrixbourne, 1:2500, pre
MP34Photocopy map of Kent, 1805 (J Stockdale) [Willlia
MP35Fax copy of 1898 OS map of Bridge Hill House and H
MP36Fax copy of 1872 OS map of Bridge Hill House and H
MP37Fax copy of 1907 OS map of Higham [Williamson 20]
MP38Leaflet of guidance notes for Conservation Areas (
MP39Map of Bridge Conservation Area, 31 Jan 1995 [Will
MP40Photocopy large scale map of Bridge & District wit
MP41Photocopy map of Kent parishes [Williamson 473]
MP42Copy of order for by-pass
MP43Copy of order for by-pass
MP44DoE letter and map re by-pass, Jun 1976
MP45Copy of order and maps re by-pass
MP46Copy of maps re by-pass
MP47Copy of maps re by-pass
MP48Copy of DoE by-pass order
MP49Copy of order for by-pass
MP50Copy of maps re by-pass
MP51Copy of order for by-pass proposals
MP52Copy of maps re by-pass
MP53Copy of order for by-pass
MP54Copy of property plot, unknown location
MP55Map of Bridge for village appraisal, 1988
MP56As MP55
MP57Copy of map of alternative A2 by-pass routes
MP58Leaflet: A guide to footpaths in the parish of Bri
MP59Map of Kent showing Roman constructions and coastl
MP60Large scale map of Bridge, post-1960s
MP61Map of Bridge area, 1: 50,000
MP63Map of Bishopsbourne station
MP64Map of properties at The Close, Union Road, Bridge
MP65Plan of St Mary’s church, Patrixbourne with planne
MP66Photocopy map of Bishopsbourne parish with highlig
MP67Copy of part of OS map of Bridge showing position
MP68Map of East Kent, no source, undated
MP69Three maps of Bridge Hill House / Star Hill area;
MP70Two copies of Elizabethan map of beacons of East K
MP71Map and notes of Ramsgate tunnel system
MP72Map of Hundred of Blackheath (Hasted); Map of Envi
MP73Colour copy of Patrixbourne tithe map, 1838
MP74Coloured map of areas around Bridge village, possi
MP75Leaflet: A map and guide to the History of the Vil
MP76Plan of Bridge Place showing original size and sta
MP77Preliminary draft of Bridge Village Tour leaflet (
MP78Copy of old map, South-east England area, no sourc
MP79Tracing of Bridge and A2 by-pass
MP80Analysis of Bridge Maps: sites located in maps of
MP81Two photocopies of map of Canterbury, 1806

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