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N/1765Entry in Kentish Post re Mozart concert in Canterb
N/1768Copies re cricket match; horses for racing; fire a
N/1769William Nash/John Nash clock-makers disagreement (
N/1770/1Chilham Club v. East Kent men’s running race (x 2)
N/1770/2Cock-fighting at the White Horse; monetary reward
N/1771Cock-fighting at Bridge Hill; auricula feast at th
N/1772MS note re races and Archdeacon’s visit; advert fo
N/1773MS note re cock fighting, George Gipps as mayor an
N/1774/1Canterbury races at Barham Downs (x 2)
N/1774/2MS note re horse racing, Sir Horace Mann, Robert B
N/1776Canterbury races (x 4); Stonar Bridge (x 3)
N/1780Canterbury races / horses (x 6); Letting notice fo
N/1786/1MS note re mail coach
N/1786/2Cutting: Canterbury Races at Barham Down
N/1790Letting notice for Bridge Place (x 2); Game Associ
N/1791/1 New turnpike road/improvements to Bridge Hill; di
N/1791/2Canterbury races (x 2); turnpike road (x 4); letti
N/1791/3Letting notice Bridge Place; Canterbury races (x 3
N/1793Letting notice for Bridge Place; Canterbury races;
N/1799MS notes: John Fagg of Bridge burglary; traps at H
N/1800MS note: re John Fagg/George Gipps
N/1810Canterbury races (x 2); notice re public breakfast
N/1820Canterbury races – horses to be entered at the Red
N/1823Examination of robber by Rev. C. Hughes of Bridge
N/1824MS notes: burglary Mr Finch of Bishopsborne; John
N/1827MS note: re turnpike meeting
N/1828Notice re letting of Bridge Hill House (home of de
N/1829MS note: re Mrs Goodban of Bridge
N/1830Purchase of Bifrons by Marquis of Conyngham; notic
N/1831Inquest on body of William Godden servant to Thoma
N/1833Marriage of Albert Conyngham and marriage settleme
N/1847Illustrated London News, election of Lord Albert C
N/1850Inquest at Bridge on body of Joseph White, pauper
N/1851Turnpike road; Bridge Union contracts notice (x 3)
N/1867The Times, 6 Jun, advert for sale of Bridge Hill H
N/2000/1/1DT: re Higham Park
N/2000/1/2Times: John Aspinall obituary
N/2000/1/3KG: re Richard Hooker; Gladys and Tom Arter Diamon
N/2000/2Roundabout: Mar
N/2000/3Roundabout: Apr
N/2000/4Roundabout: May
N/2000/5Roundabout: Jun
N/2000/6Roundabout: Jul
N/2000/7Roundabout: Aug
N/2000/8Roundabout: Sep
N/2000/9Roundabout: Oct
N/2000/10Roundabout: Nov
N/2000/11Roundabout: Dec
N/2001/2KG 16 page special supplement ‘Living with the Flo
N/2001/3Roundabout: Jan
N/2001/4Roundabout: Feb
N/2001/5Roundabout: Mar
N/2001/6Roundabout: Apr
N/2001/7Roundabout: May
N/2001/8Roundabout: Jun
N/2001/9Roundabout: Jul
N/2001/1 KG: re actor Tom Wilkinson; re Alun Heslop (chairm
N/2001/10Roundabout: Aug
N/2001/11Roundabout: Sep
N/2001/12Roundabout: Oct
N/2001/13Roundabout: Nov
N/2001/14Roundabout: Dec
N/2002/1/1KG: obituary Richard Neame; Bridge village fete; A
N/2002/1/2Adscene: re Chris & Melanie McClean Training Pub o
N/2002/2Roundabout: Jan
N/2002/3Roundabout: Feb
N/2002/4Roundabout: Mar
N/2002/5Roundabout: Apr
N/2002/6Roundabout: May
N/2002/7Roundabout: Jun
N/2002/8Roundabout: Jul
N/2002/9Roundabout: Aug
N/2002/10Roundabout: Sep
N/2002/11Roundabout: Oct
N/2002/12Roundabout: Nov
N/2002/13Roundabout: Dec
N/2003/1KG: obituary and funeral of Laurence Shirley; Aeri
N/2003/2Roundabout: Jan
N/2003/3Roundabout: Feb
N/2003/4Roundabout: Mar
N/2003/5Roundabout: Apr
N/2003/6Roundabout: May
N/2003/7Roundabout: Jun
N/2003/8Roundabout: Jul
N/2003/9Roundabout: Aug
N/2003/10Roundabout: Sep
N/2003/11Roundabout: Oct
N/2003/12Roundabout: Nov
N/2003/13Roundabout: Dec
N/2004/1KG: Bridge Hill crash; John Anderson, village corr
N/2004/2Roundabout: Jan
N/2004/3Roundabout: Feb
N/2004/4Roundabout: Mar
N/2004/5Roundabout: Apr
N/2004/6Roundabout: May
N/2004/7Roundabout: Jun
N/2004/8Roundabout: Jul
N/2004/9Roundabout: Aug
N/2004/10Roundabout: Oct
N/2004/11Roundabout: Dec
N/2005/1KG: Saxon treasure in Bridge; Closure of Bridge Pl
N/2005/2Roundabout: Jan
N/2005/3Roundabout: Feb
N/2005/4Roundabout: Mar
N/2005/5Roundabout: Apr
N/2005/6Roundabout: May
N/2005/7Roundabout: Jun
N/2005/8Roundabout: Jul
N/2005/9Roundabout: Aug
N/2006/1/1KG: Elham Valley Railway Bridge strengthening; Sto
N/2006/1/2 Times: re Bridge Place
N/2006/2Roundabout: Dec
N/2007/1KG: re White Horse new landlady Carol Blake; re El
N/2008/1/1KG: 250 years ago – Barham Downs’ races; old image
N/2008/1/2Times: re Higham Park
N/2009/1KG: Charlotte Whigham; re planning at 24 High Stre
N/2009/2 Roundabout: Jul
N/2010/1KG: obituary notice Dave Whittaker; 50 yrs ago new
N/2010/2KG Battle of Britain 70th Anniversary Supplement
N/2011/1 KG: re Bridge/ St Andre twinning; re re-opening of
N/2012/1 KG: Recreation ground working party; time capsule
N/2013/1 KG: A2 crash; re sale of Bridge Place
N/2014/1/2Sunday Express: article re Count Zborowski
N/2014/1/1 KG: Storm flooding with pictures, 3pp.; article re
N/2015/1KG: re sewer repairs in Bridge and Bishopsbourne;
N/2016/1KG: obituary article John Anderson; reprint of his
N/1814-15Canterbury races (x 6); coach routes; auction of f
N/1960s/1Kentish Express, 6 Jan 1961 (x 2), 13 Jan, 27 Jan,
N/1960s/2KG, 29 Dec 1967, Canterbury and the Army: Gregory
N/1960s/3KG, 7 Jul 1967, Overview of Bridge village life wi
N/1970s/1The Times, 14, Apr 1972, ‘Mr Goldsmith takes Paris
N/1970s/2The Times, 22 Dec 1973, ‘The singular affair of th
N/1970s/3KG, 25 Jun 1976, ‘Road to the Future’ A2 by-pass o
N/1970s/4KG, 25 Jun 1976, A2 by-pass articles
N/1970s/5The Times, 28 Jun 1976, ‘Village by-pass’
N/1970s/62 Jul 1976, ‘The Battle of Bridge is over’
N/1970s/7KG, 1976, 5 Nov, ‘Bourne Golf Club’
N/1970s/8KG(?), 10 Jun 1977, ‘Bekesbourne Fancy Dress’
N/1970s/9KG, 24 Jun 1977, ‘Friendly village shopkeeper goes
N/1970s/10Evening News, 2 Aug 1977, ‘Stop, look… and listen’
N/1970s/11KG, 14 Apr 1978, ‘Flying Corps’ first days in vill
N/1970s/12KG, 23 Jun 1978, ‘A House where music lives’ (Pete
N/1970s/13KG, 14 Jul 1978, ‘Village’s own air shows’
N/1970s/14KG, 1974 ‘French baron found peace at Bridge’ re M
N/1970s/151974, ‘Bridge says it with music and flowers’; She
N/1970s/161977 photocopy: 1st Bridge Guides art festival hon
N/1970s/17Bekesbourne and Bridge jubilee celebration picture
N/1980s/11980: KG: 22 Feb, Bridge development plan; 25 Apr,
N/1980s/21982: Daily Mail, 14 Jun, ‘PS’ note by Nigel Demps
N/1980s/61988: Sunday Times, 22 May, ‘Clean sweep of a rake
N/1980s/71989: KM Extra, 5 May, ‘Changes in the WI role’, B
N/1980s/3 1983: Daily Telegraph, 16 Sep, ‘Conrad before fame
N/1980s/4 1985: KG, 12 Apr, ‘Will’s historic legacy’, re Mon
N/1980s/5 1987: A5 sheet with five cuttings attached: Golden
N/1990s/21992: ‘Policeman praised’, PC Brian Goodwin, photo
N/1990s/41995: ‘Crash closes carriageway’, A2; KG, ‘School
N/1990s/51996: Times, ‘£800 rent for home of Virginia Wool
N/1990s/61997: ‘Masters take pride in their best bangers’,
N/1990s/71998: Canterbury Times, ‘Laurence to hang up his r
N/1990s/81999: Times, obituary Lft-Col. C. L. Boyle (photo
N/1990s/1a1990: Methodist Chapel registration for marriages,
N/1990s/1b1991: KG, ‘75 years ago: Miss Wye’s 44 years at Br
N/1990s/3a1993: ‘Family happier on two wheels’, photo John &
N/1990s/3b1994: Times(?), ‘Rebel without a pause’ by Julia L
N/CloseA collection of photocopied newspaper articles rel
N/Close/1Christmas display (at the Close?), 2 images, undat
N/Close/2KG, 11 Oct 1968, ‘Banishing boredom in hospital’,
N/Close/3‘Double opening’, The Close open day and opening o
N/Close/4Kentish Observer, 8 Dec 1964, ‘Old people’s Superi
N/Close/5Pictures of The Close open day, 1965, 2pp. (x 2)
N/Close/6Photo of residents at The Close concert, 6 Apr 196
N/Close/7‘Happiness at The Close’, Christmas dinner, 1967,
N/Close/8‘Patients move out of The Close’, closure of The C
N/Close/9‘Open Day raised funds for Hospital friends’, unda
N/Close/10The Close open day, 20 May 1966, 2pp.
N/Close/11The Close open day, undated, 2pp.
N/Close/12‘Bridge fete launches recruiting campaign’, undate
N/Close/13‘Bridge fete helps the hospitals’, undated, 1p.
N/Close/14‘Gifts for The Close’, undated, 1p.
N/Close/15Picture of Harry and Lucy Urwin, undated (x 2)
N/Close/16KG, ‘The Close staff dinner’, undated, 1p.
N/Close/17‘Happy end to flood ordeal’ and ‘The Close dinner’
N/Close/18‘Villages’ farewells to doctor’, Dr Roger Hunter,
N/Close/19‘Dryer gift for hospital’, Bridge Young Wives pres
N/Close/20Kentish Observer, 28 Jul 1970, Leaving party for M
N/ndNo date
N/nd/1‘250 yrs ago’ Battalion marches in 1758; GA Agency
N/nd/2‘Souvenir hunter drew the line at baby’s body’, Ro
N/nd/3 A5 sheet with four cuttings: Barry Kirk at the RA
N/nd/4‘You’ll be spoiled for choice’: Advertising puff f
N/nd/5‘Inn for a ton of fun’, Edith Moody (Gate Inn) [Wi
N/nd/6‘Inn for a ton of fun’, Edith Moody (Gate Inn) [Wi
N/nd/7Advertisement feature for Skippers Restaurant [Wil
N/nd/8The Good Church Guide (Penguin), with reference to
N/nd/9‘Travelling companions for 50 years’ E. & C. Down
N/nd/10‘Gambles with beasts’, book review by Jeremy Paxma
N/nd/11‘A great great great aunt’ (Emma Fagg, born in Bri
N/nd/12Photo of horses at East Kent ploughing match at Br
N/nd/13Golden wedding of George & Alice Pratt (Bridge pol
N/nd/14Captivated by a hot air stream (3 book reviews), p
N/nd/15Royal archives show Prinny’s cultural side (Ray Cl
N/nd/16Kent Messenger, Search is on for wartime bomber cr
N/nd/17Map of proposed Canterbury Business Park [Williams
N/nd/18‘Old tollgate cottage saw world go by’, Gate Inn,
N/nd/19‘Fund’s tribute to lifetime of dedication’, Mrs An
N/nd/20Death of Dr A. T. Wilson, Bridge Practitioner, ex-
N/nd/21‘French film crew back in Patrixbourne’ [Williamso
N/nd/22Photo of dry bed of Nailbourne, no source [William
N/nd/23Forteviot trustees buy Kent estate (Neame and Bour
N/nd/24‘Fruits of an amateur artist’s enthusiasm’, pictur
N/nd/25‘Coal Board acts to save German war cemetery’, Can
N/nd/26Letter from P. Dagnall re chestnut wood & Montesqu
N/nd/27Photo of unidentified house (in Bridge?) [Williams
N/nd/28‘Anniversaries’ including Stephen Hales, b. 1677
N/nd/29‘Vicar’s private diary brings history to life’, Di
N/nd/30‘The strange secrets of who owns what’, article re
N/nd/31Article re Sotheby’s auction including diamond nec
N/nd/32‘Historic voyage in wake of Discovery’, publicatio
N/nd/33‘Naming names’, individuals in Bridge football tea
N/nd/34Photo of Bridge Voluntary Fire Brigade with Mr Her
N/nd/35Judge Giles Rooke re wearing wigs and robes
N/nd/36‘Fight to save The Close from closing’
N/nd/37‘Late Georgian style’, houses in The Union being r
N/nd/38‘Kept up with the news for 75 years’, Bridge newsa
N/nd/39‘A diving tiger for poolside diversion’, photo of
N/nd/40‘Elderly ferried to new home’, opening of the New
N/nd/41‘Baron’s historic visit’, visit to Bridge of Baron
N/nd/42Part of article re Keith Nicholson of KPMG
N/nd/43‘A tale of raw courage in race to the pole’, publi
N/nd/44Article re publication of ‘Joseph Conrad: A Biogra
N/nd/45‘A button and bottle problem’, old artefacts found
N/nd/46‘Are private zoos safe’, article re John Aspinall
N/nd/47Photo of Mr Whigham, High Sheriff of Kent at Cante
N/nd/48KG (x2), ‘Vicar of Bridge bereaved’ and ‘Death of
N/nd/49Photo of houses in Riverside Close ‘which caught t
N/nd/50Report of wedding of John Stevens of Bourne View a
N/nd/51‘A Leader of village life: Bridge loses a conspicu
N/nd/52‘Bekesbourne War Memorial’, unveiling by the Lord
N/nd/53Funeral report for George Archer Hawkins
N/nd/54Early village roundabout article covering football
N/nd/55Kentish Express, ‘Death of Bridge pioneer fireman’
N/nd/56Part of article re visit to Patrixbourne church
N/nd/57‘Veteran church worker’s retirement’, Mr H. Russ o
N/nd/58‘Postal Official’s funeral’, Mr Richard Castle
N/nd/59‘Death of Dr S. Bickersteth’
N/nd/60Spotlight on Bekesbourne, contentious signpost
N/nd/61‘Patrixbourne church to be restored’
N/nd/62Philip Jackson, sculptor of statue of young Mozart
N/nd/63Artist Sally Rose Gibson of Bridge at mask-making
N/nd/64Obituary Somerset de Chair
N/nd/65‘Former inn is restored’, Ship in Bridge High Stre
N/nd/66‘Peer plants tree at museum’, Marquess of Conyngha
N/nd/67Wedding of Harry Hawkins (of Riverdale, Bridge) an
N/nd/68Wedding of Bertram Sinnock and Edith Hawkins (of R
N/nd/69‘Firemen as guard of honour’, wedding of Sidney Gi
N/nd/70Golden wedding notice including pictures of Mr & M
N/nd/71Pentin family sponsored walk to raise funds for ca
N/nd/72‘Historic pages are auctioned’, ‘A Voyage up the M
N/nd/73‘Engineers pull in crowds’, model train engines, p
N/nd/74 Fitzwilliam Collection moving to Bourne Park [Wil
N/nd/75Advertisement for Roger’s Garage, mid-1950s [Willi
N/nd/76‘Digging day for Bridge’, 2 copies, donated tree f
N/nd/77‘Demo on ‘Bridge of sighs’’, A2 protest march
N/nd/78Photo of lorry in High Street and narrow pavements
N/nd/79Photo of High Street, best-kept village competitio
N/nd/80Picture of lorry in High Street and protest banner
N/nd/81‘A “Poor start” and a bad ending’, ‘Poor start’ co
N/nd/82‘Girl cheats death as lorry wrecks house’, lorry c
N/nd/83Photocopy of article ‘The true story of Chitty-Ban
N/nd/84Photocopies of 8 cuttings:
N/nd/84/1death of George Cowell, coal merchant of Bridge (x
N/nd/84/2death of Frederick J. Jarrett, young airman (x 3)
N/nd/84/3death of Emma Cowell (wife of George), member of M
N/nd/84/4death of Ellen Croft (x2), resident of Bridge, wid
N/nd/84/5Sheet with three photocopy images: postcard of Bri
N/nd/84/6seven ladies in aprons and hats and one gentleman
N/nd/84/7Bridge Minstrel Troupe group photo on constructed
N/pre-1960/11924: ‘A worthy Patrixbourne couple’, Diamond Wedd
N/pre-1960/21 May 1931, ‘Lorry in Fatal Collision’, George App
N/pre-1960/3Obituary, Mrs L. E. Uden, Waterside Cottage Patrix
N/pre-1960/4Home Chat, 19 Aug 1933, ‘Living in an Old Palace’,
N/pre-1960/5Kentish Express, 3 Apr 1936, ‘Fireman’s Funeral’ (
N/pre-1960/6The Evening News, 3 Jun 1947, ‘Menace has left par
N/pre-1960/7Daily Mail, 1948, Two men buy Kent picture village
N/pre-1960/8KG, 28 Nov 1958, ‘A Sentimental Journey: Down the
N/pre-1960/9Kent Herald, 1938 ‘A Norman church in danger’
N/pre-1960/101920, unveiling of Patrixbourne War Memorial [Will
N/pre-1960/111933, ‘Sorry spectacle of Bridge Mill’ (x3 photoco

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